Business news from Ukraine


29 October , 2021  

DTEK has reached an agreement with the international company HC Trading (Heidelberg Cement Group) on the additional supply of one shipload of 60,000 tonnes of American coal to Ukraine in addition to the two shiploads already contracted on September 16 with a total volume of 150,000 tonnes, DTEK Energy said on Facebook.
“Despite the fact that the whole world faced an acute shortage and record prices for energy resources, DTEK Energy, as a reliable and responsible company, does everything possible to ensure that there is enough coal in Ukraine in winter,” CEO of DTEK Energy Ildar Saleev said.
It is expected that an additional supply of 60,000 tonnes of coal will arrive in Ukraine in November. In turn, the previously contracted coal from the United States in the amount of 150,000 tonnes should be delivered to Ukraine in two shiploads in December 2021 and January 2022.
DTEK Energy and PJSC Centrenergo in August also agreed to supply 75,000 tonnes of steam coal from the United States, which they will divide equally upon arrival. The supply of American coal from Hamilton mine US will be carried out through the international trader Trafigura.
“In addition, for the third month in a row, the company has been importing coal from Poland (two agreements have been signed for the supply of a total of 340,000 tonnes of coal), as well as Kazakhstan,” DTEK Energy said.
In total, as of October 21 and during September-October, the company imported more than 278,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine.

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