Business news from Ukraine


21 January , 2020  

Kokhavynska paper factory (Lviv region), a tissue and toilet paper producer (the Kokhavynka trademark), in 2019 increased production by 1.6% compared with 2018, to UAH 547.64 million.
According to the Ukrpapir association, production of paper at the factory in kind increased 2.3%, to 37,900 tonnes. At the same time, production of toilet paper rose by 2.4%, to 113.69 million rolls (a total of 677.38 million rolls was made in Ukraine in 2019, a rise of 4.4%).
Kokhavynska paper factory has been operating since 1939. The factory producers base paper for hygienic goods, toilet paper and paper towels. The capacity of paper making machines is 19,000 tonnes per year, processing equipment 90 million rolls a year.
The factory exports about 40% of the products. The main consumers abroad are the Czech Republic, Romania, as well as companies from Belarus, Moldova, Hungary, and the Netherlands.
As reported, in 2018, the factory produced goods worth UAH 538.78 million, which is 27.8% more than a year earlier, paper production grew by 11%, to 37,050 tonnes.

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