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12 December , 2018  

National Energy Company Ukrenergo has announced the launch of test transaction on the sale and purchase of electricity on the balancing market and the auxiliary service market from December 11, 2018 in line with the terms outlined in the law on the electricity market.
“Please look: exactly on the day stipulated by law, we launched a platform to simulate trading on the balancing market in real time, a period of 15 minutes. Everything is real, only without payments among market players,” Ukrenergo CEO Vsevolod Kovalchuk said, commenting on this event on his page in the Facebook social network.
Ukrenergo said that the first training module was attended by more than 40 representatives of power generation companies, including the largest Ukrainian electricity producers: National Nuclear Generating Company Energoatom, DTEK Energo, Centrenergo, Ukrhydroenergo and Donbasenergo.
The company said in a press release that market players familiarized themselves with the principles of the test platform, the algorithms of operations in the balancing market and the market of auxiliary services in real time, the mechanisms of communication and interaction between market players and the system operator and other things.
“All potential players of the balancing market and the market of auxiliary services will receive logins and passwords (keys) for access to the test platform and will be able to independently test it. After that, we will meet with market players to discuss issues related to the operation of the test platform,” Ukrenergo Deputy Director for Market Development and IT Andriy Nemyrovsky said.
Kovalchuk called information manipulation the objections in his posting that the presented platform is a “dummy,” and not a real system in which the bidding will be carried out.
Nemyrovsky responded to criticism by publishing part of the results of test operations, according to which the price of the balancing market in the period from 18:00 on December 11 to 14:00 on December 12 fell to UAH 900 per 1 MWh and rose to UAH 2,140 per 1 MWh. However, it was mainly UAH 1,400–1,500 per 1 MWh with the wholesale market price approved by the National Commission for the State Regulation of Energy, Housing and Utilities Services (NCER) for the second – fourth quarter being UAH 1,586.69 per MWh.

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