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Ukraine this year will launch a project to build a new format of hospitals that will correspond to the level of European clinics, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said.
“One of the steps towards high-quality medicine will be our new project – the launch of hospitals of a new, qualitatively different format, according to the best international standards. Hospitals are equally comfortable for both the patient and the doctor. We are starting this project this year with regional clinical and children’s hospitals, which should correspond to the level of European clinics,” Zelensky said during a speech on the Medical Worker Day, which was broadcast by the President’s Office on Facebook.
According to the president, this project will be implemented in every region.
“The new institutions will become an example of quality for future plans to renovate all hospitals in Ukraine,” he added.
According to Zelensky, the construction of hospitals is also ongoing under the Big Construction national program.
“Some 33 hospitals and 60 rural outpatient clinics have already been created. It is planned to have 30 more medical institutions and 340 rural outpatient clinics by the end of 2021, plus 200 modern admission departments throughout Ukraine,” the president said.

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Ukraine needs to explore the possibility of building five or six new environmentally friendly coal units, Donbasenergo Commercial Director Oleh Larionov has said.
According to him, given the need for the country to fulfill the National Emission Reduction Plan for large combustion plants, thermal generating companies will not be able to maintain in operation about 12 GW of the required capacities at TPPs to cover peak and semi-peak loads in order to balance the operation of the power system.
“In the next ten years, Ukraine will experience the need to operate about 12 GW of coal-fired mobile generation, over the next ten years it will need at least 5-7 GW. Before we can completely abandon coal generation, and this is the prospect of 25-30 years, our country will need at least 3-3.5 GW of maneuverable capacities. The new built units will ensure a smooth transition of Ukraine to the era of decarbonization,” he said during an online discussion hosted by the Energy Club.
According to Larionov, the construction of new units should be carried out at the expense of foreign investments, taking into account the interests of local business. This will contribute to the creation of new jobs and the development of regional infrastructure.
In addition, he considers it necessary to explore the possibility of eco-modernization of the thermal generation units operating today only if there is confidence that the modernized unit will be able to operate for at least another 15 years.
The Donbasenergo Commercial Director also said that the documents on the consideration of the implementation of the Emission Reduction Plan have already been submitted to the NSDC for the purpose of making a final decision in the event of a conflict of interests between the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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PJSC Kriukiv Car Building Works (KCBW, Poltava region) completed 2020 with a net profit of UAH 99.045 million, which is 87.5% less, year-over-year, according to preliminary data.
According to the information on the agenda of the shareholders’ general meeting on April 22, released on Monday in the information disclosure system of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine, the draft of its decision is planned to send the profit to the development of the enterprise, not to pay dividends (as in the previous year).
As reported, in 2020 the plant reduced the production of freight cars by 70%, to 1,569 units.
PJSC Kriukiv Car Building Works is the only enterprise in the CIS that has a well-established and operating production of two types of cars: passenger and freight (platform cars, tanks, bunker-type cars, gondola cars). It also produces regional diesel trains, high-speed interregional locomotive-hauled trains, spare parts and bogies for freight cars.

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The State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) has signed an agreement for the construction of a new bridge in Kremenchuk (Poltava region) for UAH 11.249 billion with the Turkish company Dogus Insaat Ve Ticaret.
On the part of Ukravtodor, the contract was signed by the head of the road service in Poltava region, Ivan Krapovnytsky, from Dogus Insaat Ve Ticaret – executive director Tolga Akkas.
Ukravtodor noted that the new bridge will improve the optimization of logistics routes in the center of Ukraine by reducing travel times for road transport. This will be achieved by increasing the speed limit for trucks from 36.8-53.3 km/h to 72.9 km/h, buses from 35.7-53.4 km/h to 71.1 km/h, passenger cars from 39.6-55.3 km/h to 81.5 km/h.
“All plots that fall under the construction zone will be bought for state funds. If these are private plots where people live, or some other private plots, they will be bought out, transferred to the state ownership, and people will receive monetary compensation for this,” Krapovnytsky said.

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The State Automobile Roads Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) in 2020 will renew the road T-15-13 Nechayane – Ochakiv (Mykolaiv region) with a length of 36.9 km, Ukravtodor has said in its Telegram channel.
“This is one of the worst roads in the country, which leads to picturesque places on the Black Sea coast. The plan is to launch it by the end of 2020,” the press service said, citing Ukravtodor Head Oleksandr Kubrakov.
Rostdorstroy LLC and OJSC Road Building Enterprise DST No. 4 Brest were identified as the contractors for the repair work.
The agency said that the work began from the north – the exit from the M-14 road Odesa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk. The contractor is currently cutting the worn-out road surface on a 6-kilometer stretch.
In general, in 2020 in Mykolaiv region it is planned to renew 185.5 km of national roads.
In Ukraine, according to the data of Ukravtodor, the Automobile Road Service has completed the upgrade of 2,022 km of roads in the upper layer of the road surface, another 800 km have been completed in the leveling layer. The leaders are Zakarpattia (223.5 km), Kharkiv (221.2 km), Zaporizhia (168.8 km), Sumy (149.9 km), Luhansk (133 km) and Lviv (130.1 km) regions.
RDS Group is included in the top three road construction companies of Ukraine. It includes Kyivshliakhbud” and Rostdorstroy. The core business is construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads and bridges, construction of airfield complexes.
The ultimate beneficial owners of RDS Group are Ukrainian citizens Yuriy Shumakher and Yevhen Konovalov.

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Dragon Capital investment company has developed a concept for the E40 Industrial Park with an area of 200,000 square meters on the 27th kilometer of the Zhytomyr highway (Kolonschyna village, Kyiv region), plans to start the construction of the first stage in 2021.
“According to the developed concept, the total area of the buildings of the industrial park will be 200,000 square meters, including class A production and storage facilities, cross-docking terminals, office, utility and infrastructure facilities (a hotel, a truck service station, etc.),” it said in a press release.
According to the report, the project will be located on a front land plot with an area of 49 hectares.
“Thanks to the support of Makariv Regional State Administration, as well as the Regional Development Agency of Kyiv region, Dragon Capital managed to develop and approve a detailed plan of the territory as quickly as possible. This will allow the company to proceed to the next step in the implementation of the project – the development of project documentation. Our company plans to start building the first stage of the E40 Industrial Park in 2021,” the report says.
As reported, Dragon Capital acquired the relevant plots in 2018 from Europolis GmbH, which is part of the large real estate concern CA Immo Group (Vienna, Austria).
Dragon Capital is one of the largest groups of companies in Ukraine that operates in the field of investment and financial services and provides a full range of investment banking and brokerage services, direct investments, asset management for institutional, corporate and private clients.

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