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Belgium is removing entry restrictions previously imposed on Ukrainian citizens as part of countering the spread of COVID-19, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.
“Belgium has opened up to all types of travel for Ukrainians according to the recommendation of the EU Council. The Foreign Ministry is working to increase travel opportunities this summer,” Kuleba wrote on his Twitter on Sunday.

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Over the past day, on July 16, more than 111,000 people were vaccinated against coronavirus in Ukraine, more than 4 million vaccinations have been made since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, the press service of the Ministry of Health said on Saturday.
“More than 4 million vaccinations have been carried out since the beginning of vaccination! Some 111,150 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 per day on July 16, 2021. One dose was received by 65,226 people, while 45,924 people were fully immunized,” the message published on the Telegram says.

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Some 33% of Ukrainians already have immunity to the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov has said.
“I can say the preliminary results of a sociological study conducted in our country. The results indicate that 33% of the population already has immunity to COVID-19,” Danilov said at a briefing following the NSDC meeting on Friday, July 16.
“In addition, with regard to vaccinated people, we believe that 38-40% of people in our country are already immunized,” he said.
According to Danilov, “this is not a reason for us not to comply with the restrictive measures proposed by doctors.”
“Moreover, I want to ask everyone to speed up vaccination as soon as possible. We believe that everyone will be vaccinated in the near future. This is very important, because, having the herd immunity of our citizens, this will be a preventive measure against morbidity,” he said.

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Mauritius has allowed Ukrainian citizens to enter the country for tourist purposes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has reported.
“Even in the difficult conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is systematically working to constantly expand the freedom of travel for Ukrainian citizens. We are opening new directions and routes, simplifying the entry regime, concluding visa-free agreements, agreeing on the recognition of vaccination certificates and the inclusion of Ukraine into national ‘green lists.’ Everything is being done so that Ukrainians can travel around the world freely and safely,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said on Facebook, citing Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.
According to an interactive map of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the entry of Ukrainian citizens to Mauritius is allowed provided that they stay in self-isolation for two weeks from the moment of arrival and prepayment for the hotel where self-isolation will take place, as well as a negative test for coronavirus, made no later than 72 hours before arrival in country.
While in self-isolation, it is mandatory to re-take the coronavirus test on the 7th and 14th day of being in quarantine.

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Ukraine has registered 623 new cases of COVID-19, as well as 589 recoveries and 20 deaths in the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian Health Ministry said.
“Ukraine recorded 623 new cases of COVID-19 [including 37 children and 12 medical workers] over the past day, July 14, 2021. In the past 24 hours, 387 persons were hospitalized, 20 died, and 589 recovered,” the ministry said on Telegram on Thursday morning.
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Ukraine has seen a total of 2.243 million cases of COVID-19, including 2.180 million recoveries and 52,685 deaths.
Over the past day, the majority of cases were registered in Kyiv (177), Odesa region (57), Zhytomyr region (33), Donetsk region (32), and Kyiv region (31).
According to the Health Ministry, a coronavirus vaccine was received by 108,759 people in Ukraine over the past day, July 14, including 61,580 persons who received the first shot of vaccine and 47,179 who completed their vaccination.
“As many as 108,759 persons were vaccinated for COVID-19 over the past day, July 14, 2021. The first shot was received by 61,580 persons, while 47,179 persons completed their vaccination,” the ministry said on Telegram.
“Since the beginning of the vaccination process, 2.476.634 persons have received the vaccine, including 2.476.632 who received their first shot and 1.305.882 who received both doses [including two persons who received their first shot abroad]. A total of 3.782.514 shots have been administered to date,” the ministry said.

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The Verum Expert private clinic has donated its resources for the work of state mobile teams for vaccination against COVID-19, vaccination at the clinic was carried out by a mobile team.
Verum Expert told the Interfax-Ukraine agency, commenting on the information about commercial vaccination in this clinic with the Pfizer vaccine spread by a number of mass media, Verum Expert donated its resources in the form of equipped reception rooms, manipulation rooms, and reserved intensive care facilities in case of patient reactions to the drugs, as well as a call center and reception for the work of the state mobile vaccination team.
“The clinic did not carry out vaccination, which is carried out by a mobile vaccination team and monitors the revaccination process,” they noted.
Verum Expert stressed that the participation of the clinic in vaccination against COVID-19 was carried out “on the basis of the state program of vaccination of the population against COVID-19 in Ukraine, the conditions for the vaccination campaign are regulated by the Ministry of Health.”
The clinic also noted that the mobile team working in the territory of the clinic carried out vaccinations with Pfizer vaccine, observing all the necessary cold chains during transportation.
In addition, it is noted that the mobile vaccination team vaccinated employees of the medical center and clinic patients who had no contraindications.
“We emphasize once again: our medical institution does not carry out vaccination against COVID-19. Vaccination is carried out by a mobile team of vaccination and revaccination in the territory of the prepared premises. In addition, the clinic prepared for possible complications after vaccination, including a manipulation room and specialists,” Verum Expert said.

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