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Sweden’s IKEA company, the largest furniture and household goods retailer in the world, plans to open stores in Ukraine, including large ones (30,00 square meters) in the future shopping and entertainment centers of Mandarin Plaza, the founder of the company Vagif Aliyev has said. “We have been negotiating with H&M and with IKEA for 16 years… After [the store with an area of] 5,000 square meters [the opening in the Ocean Mall shopping center of which is scheduled for the end of 2019], we will open IKEA [stores with an area of] 30,000 square meters throughout Kyiv in our large shopping and entertainment centers,” Aliyev, who creates a network of 10 shopping and entertainment centers, said at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday.
According to him, after the construction of the Ocean Mall shopping center and the Blockbuster Mall shopping center is completed, the developer intends to start implementing the Lesnaya shopping mall (opening in 2020) and the Hippodrome (Yuzhny) shopping and entertainment center, where IKEA can also be opened.
Aliyev said that three or four stores of the Swedish retailer in his mall will have 5,000-7,000 square meters, another three – 30,000 square meters. At the same time, he said that IKEA will not be opened at the Lavina Mall shopping center and the Blockbuster Mall shopping center.
In turn, the representative of IKEA South-East Europe Vladyslav Lalich neither confirmed nor refuted the words of the developer, saying only that the company “really plans to stay in Ukraine for a long time, but develop step by step.”
“We want to combine the opening ceremony of our first IKEA store with the opening of the Ocean Mall shopping center at the end of summer next year. At the time of opening, the store will have 3,600 SKU (product names), but their number will double in half a year,” Lalich said.

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The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) has allowed Dragon Capital Investments Limited (Nicosia, Cyprus) and The Goldman Sachs Group (New York, the United States) to acquire indirect joint control over the Horizon Park office center with a total area of 68,800 square meters in Kyiv. According to the AMC, the committee, in particular, permitted Dragon Capital Investments Limited to indirectly acquire assets in the form of an integrated property complex located at 12 Amosova Street and 12 Hrynchenko Street. “This concentration takes place along with concentration in the form of the mediated (through the subsidiary Horizon Park, Kyiv) acquisition by The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. of assets in the form of a single property complex … owned by Ukrsotsbank joint-stock company,” the regulator said.
According to the unified state register, as of October 3, 2018 the owner of 100% in the charter capital of the subsidiary Horizon Park is Melador Investments Limited. The ultimate beneficiary is Tomas Fiala, the owner of Dragon Capital Investments Limited.
Dragon Capital Investments Limited is part of Dragon Capital group of companies, founded in 2000 and one of the largest ones in the Ukrainian investment market.

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Kyiv Investment Week, a series of business and technological events for investors, business angels, start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over Europe will be held in Kyiv from October 15 to 19, 2018. For five days, the capital of Ukraine will become the main European platform for communication of international and Ukrainian businesses and start-ups. In total, eight events will be attended by about 3,000 participants and 130 speakers from Europe, America and Asia. The objective of Kyiv Investment Week is to represent Ukraine to foreign investors and help participants establish new business contacts and strengthen partnerships.
Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) will become the key event of the week. The fifth anniversary KIEF will be held on October 18-19, 2018 and will bring together world-class economists, famous businessmen, investors and visionaries from more than thirty countries. The leitmotif of the forum will be the future of the countries in the high-tech world. Participants in the KIEF are expected to discuss the strategies and tools of competitiveness, consequences of trade wars, investment attractiveness, as well as the introduction of modern technologies in industry, banking and agrarian spheres, etc.
“During Kyiv Investment Week, several promising business events aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine will be concentrated in Kyiv. This is also one of the main tasks of KIEF. To participate in the forum in Kyiv, numerous delegations of potential investors will arrive to familiarize themselves with the business opportunities of Ukraine. Thus, KIEF and Kyiv Investment Week will really influence the improvement of Ukraine’s reputation in the world,” comments Yuriy Pyvovarov, Head of the KIEF Organizing Committee.
Moreover, the Kyiv Investment Week program includes a one-day business tour for foreign investors around the key points of the Ukrainian start-up ecosystem (October 15, 2018); UNIT Investment Summit in the UNIT.City Innovation Park, which will unite investors, who manage more than $300 million, under one roof (October 16, 2018); the evening of the final presentations of the RadarTech PopCorp FinTech Accelerator (October 17, 2018); Kyiv Barcrowling Week, the week of discounts in the best creative bars and restaurants (October 15-18, 2018); CreativeMornings/Kyiv, the monthly breakfast-lecture for creative professionals (October 19, 2018) and Kyiv Silicon Drinkabout, the Friday’s networking party of the Kyiv high-tech community (October 19, 2018).
Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) is a permanent platform for the formation of Ukraine’s economic development strategy. It is aimed at organizing a dialogue between experts, business and government, adopting the best international experience, creating a roadmap for development and facilitating the conversion of ideas into real actions.

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Koen Group LLC (Kyiv) plans to build a trade and exhibition center worth $500 million near Kyiv in four years, head of the company Naum Koen has said at a press conference. According to him, the complex will be located on a plot of 105 hectares 13 km from Kyiv on the Odesa highway. The project includes a wholesale market with a parking lot for 10,000 cars, as well as a large exhibition center with three hotels. The start of the project is January 2019. It is planned to open the wholesale market in two years, while the implementation of the exhibition center will take another two years.
“We also plan to build a large concert hall for 7,000 seats. There will be three complexes – a trade one, exhibition and a concert hall,” he told Interfax-Ukraine. According to him, the investor in the project could be Cyrus Poonawalla, the head of Poonawalla Group vaccine manufacturer. “I am interested in this project, but I should study it better and then make a decision on investing,” the expert said.
Koen Group LLC was registered in 2016. According to the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, its owner is Naum Koen. The charter capital of the company is UAH 300 000 000,00.

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Occupancy of Kyiv’s hotels in the highest peak of the tourist season (May-August) grew by 1.6 percentage points (p.p.) in the upscale segment, to 47% and by 5 p.p. in the midscale segment, to 56%, the press service of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) in Ukraine has reported. According to JLL, Average Daily Room Rate (ADR) in the upscale hotel segment in Kyiv in May-August 2018 grew to $175, which is 10% more than in May-August 2017, while Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) grew by $13, to $85.
“May was the month when hotels were occupied the most, when the UEFA Champions League final took place. This event… allowed hotels of the upscale segment to reach occupancy of 59% with the increase of ADR by almost 40%, to $230,” Head of the Hotels & Hospitality Department at JLL Tetiana Veller said.
According to the JLL report, in the midscale segment of the Kyiv’s hotels there was a decrease in ADR by an average of 10%, to $80. At the same time, due to the increase in the occupancy to 56%, RevPAR in this segment increased to $45.
According to the consulting company, Kyiv hotels in the eight months ending August 2018 showed an increase in occupancy by 1 p.p. in the upscale segment and by 2 p.p. in the midscale segment, the growth of ADR – by $15 in the upscale and $2 in the midscale.

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BASF, an international chemical producer, is to invest EUR 2 million in a new plant that will produce concrete additives in the town of Obukhiv, Kyiv region, which is to open next spring, Managing Director (CEO) at BASF Ukraine Andreas Lier has said. “There will be about EUR 2 million in investment. This is our first investment in Ukraine. If it is successful, we will continue investing in this production. We have already been present in the Ukrainian market with these products for several years. We have been importing this product for a long time, but now we’ve decided we want to produce it here,” Lier told Interfax-Ukraine.
BASF’s National Development Manager Oleksandr Ruban says that the plant’s production capacity will be 10,000 tonnes of produce per year with the possibility of boosting the output in future. The plant is scheduled to be launched in March-April 2019.
Production in Ukraine will halve the price of concrete additives and will also allow the company to significantly increase its market share.
“Now we are bringing all the additives from abroad, and our share in the market is very small – less than 1%. We plan to grow up to 10% of the market in the first year,” Ruban said in a comment to the Kyiv-based Interfax-Ukraine news agency.
Governor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Horhan forecasts that the production of the additives at the plant in Obukhiv will speed up the pace of construction in Kyiv region.
“Kyiv region is the leader in construction. These additives will make frame-monolithic construction possible amid sub-zero temperatures, allowing construction all the year round. Now such additives are available on the market, but they are imported and expensive,” Horhan said.

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