Business news from Ukraine


On the first of the quarantine easing on May 11, nearly 90% of the outlets who got permission to work (except for entertainment and public foodservice areas) opened all over Ukraine, except for Kyiv, Lviv and Chernivtsi region.
“Since May 11, all stores in the shopping centers in Ukraine can operate in all cities except for Kyiv, Lviv and Chernivtsi region.The work of the outlets that do not sell clothes and shoes is permitted in Lviv trade center. Attendance on May 11 was expectedly low. As previously expected, attendance drop rate in the different objects can reach 25-50%. Such indicators have already been demonstrated by the shopping centers in countries where they opened earlier,” Head of Council of Shopping Centers of Ukraine and Chief Operation Officer of the Budhouse Group Maksym Havriushyn said.
According to him, nearly 90% of the outlets, who got permission to work (except for entertainment and public foodservice), opened in the Ukrainian shopping malls. A number of 95% areas and 93% of the outlets among those authorized to work opened in the shopping centers of Budhouse Group (Fabrika in Kherson, Liubava in Cherkasy, and Forum in Lviv).
“Thus, taking into account the areas, which are not permitted to work as for now, 63% of the areas and 80% leaseholders function in our trade centers. Except for Forum Lviv trade center, where 32% of the areas work now,” he said.
He said attendance rate in the shopping mall of Budhouse Group was falling by 25% compared to 2019.
“Attendance in Forum Lviv trade center almost remains at the same level that was before May 11. It is too early to talk about the turnover of stores in our shopping centers on the first day, but some leaseholders note a high conversion and the average check is higher than usual,” he added.