Business news from Ukraine


In 2019, the family of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky sold the UAH 246,144 worth corporate rights to all 12 Ukrainian enterprises to the family of first assistant to the head of state Serhiy Shefir.
“In the spring of 2019, Volodymyr Zelensky got rid of the shares in Green Family Ltd, as well as all four brand names registered in the Russian Federation. He also got rid of corporate rights to Vilhar Holdings Limited and Aldorante Limited foreign companies,” the president’s press service said on Saturday, May 30.
Zelensky continues to be the owner of a large number of trademarks. Thus, in 2019, two Sluha Narodu trademarks (the Servant of the People) were registered in his name.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) evaluated several trademarks in 2019. According to its report, the cost of Vechirniy Kvartal (Evening Quarter) brand name was UAH 45.81 million. The cost of Rozsmishy Komika (Make Comedian Laugh) brand name was UAH 14.65 million.
“Based on the assessment, Volodymyr Zelensky received royalties from the use of the brand names in the amount of UAH 5.048 million, so his income increased compared to the previous year,” the president’s press service said.
Some UAH 567,875 was spent to pay for consulting services of PwC.
According to the declaration of the presidential candidate of Ukraine submitted by Zelensky in January 2019, at that time he owned 99.99% of the corporate rights to Studio Kvartal-95 LLC (another 0.01% was owned by Olena Zelenska), some 18% to Studio Kvartal-95 LLC, some 100% of the corporate rights to Kinokvartal LLC, some 18.75% to Kvartal-Concert LLC, some 12.5% to Kvartal TV LLC, some 16.7% to producer center Liha Smihu LLC, and some 22.5% to Animation Studio-95 LLC.
He also owned 12.5% of Invest-Anima LLC, some 13% of Gaudi Studio LLC, and some 15% of Fish House LLC (restaurant business).
Olena Zelenska owned another 25% of Zelari Fish LLC (processing and preserving, trade in fish, crustaceans and mollusks).
Zelensky was the ultimate beneficial owner of Kinokvartal LLC, Studio Kvartal-95 LLC, Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), Vilhar Holdings Limited (Cyprus), Film Heritage Inc. (Belize), San Tommaso S.R.L. (Italy), and Megiritano Ventures Ltd (British Virgin Islands).
Olena Zelenska was the ultimate beneficiary of Studio Kvartal-95 LLC, Zelari Fish LLC, Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), Film Heritage Inc. (Belize), and San Tommaso S.R.L. (Italy).
Since 2012 Zelensky had been a shareholder of Megiritano Ventures Ltd (British Virgin Islands) and, together with his wife, they were shareholders of Aldorante Limited (Cyprus), since 2008, he had been a shareholder of Vilhar Holdings Limited (Cyprus).
Later he also filled the declaration with information that since May 28, 2012 he had been a shareholder of Green Family Ltd (Nicosia, Cyprus), which at that time owned the Russian company Green Films. There was information on January 24, 2019 that Zelensky withdrew from Green Family Ltd.

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