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22 December , 2020  

The Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade (ICMT) has completed a review of antidumping measures regarding the import of seamless stainless steel pipes to Ukraine from China, extending their effect for another five years.
According to a report in the Uriadovy Kurier newspaper published on December 19 of this year, the measures were revised in connection with their expiration.
Based on the results of the revision, the ICMT found that the level of anti-dumping measures applied was sufficient to prevent dumping of imports and causing damage to the national producer; the position of exporters and economic conditions are such that the possibility of new types of dumping that will harm domestic producers is not ruled out.
The current voluntary pricing commitments from foreign manufacturer/exporter Zhejiang Longda Stainless Steel Co., Ltd are sufficient to prevent dumping and damage.
“National interests require the continuation of anti-dumping measures regarding the import of seamless stainless steel pipes to Ukraine from China,” the commission said.
In this regard, the commission decided to complete the revision and extend the anti-dumping measures applied by its decision of November 27, 2014 for another five years. At the same time, extend the voluntary price commitment of Zhejiang Longda Stainless Steel Co. to stop dumping imports of seamless stainless steel pipes to Ukraine from China. The final anti-dumping measures should not be applied to this manufacturer/exporter, due to the fact that the voluntary obligation to stop dumping imports to Ukraine continues.
The decision of the commission made on December 14, 2020 came into force from the date of publication of this report (from December 19, 2020).

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