Business news from Ukraine


26 February , 2020  

Ukrainian tour operators have not yet recorded declines in tourist flow and early booked tours to Western Europe cancellation due to new coronavirus spread, but the number of early bookings may be cut, experts have told Interfax-Ukraine.
“There are no epidemics in Europe yet, the situation in Italy does not affect tourism volumes and flows. Perhaps if in the future the situation gets out of control and becomes threatening, then we will review programs related to Europe trips in order to restrict them. However, there are no cancellations, nor fear. We are working as usual,” Oleksandr Novikovsky, the Director General of Tez Tour operator, said.
At the same time, tourists, who early booked tours to Italy would like to know, how to cancel the trip, Mandruy travel agency said.
“With regard to the news about coronavirus spread in Italy, customers who had early booked tours there began to be interested in option of cancellation, especially for tours to the Northern part of Italy. Basically, they are only specifying the possibility, since the competent authorities did not officially forbid visiting Italy. The air flights have not yet been canceled, as happened earlier, for example, with China,” the company said.
According to the Director of Tourism Development Center, Volodymyr Tsaruk, it is likely that the number of early bookings may be cut.
“It may be supposed that the demand for early booking will decrease, although in 2020 the level of early booking was already much higher than in 2019 and 2018. Due to the fact that it is not clear how the situation will develop, people will be careful even with regions of traditional trips that haven’t suffered so far, like Turkey and Spain. So I think there will be a quiet period, it’s not yet clear how European countries will react,” he said.
As reported, from February 24, there is an obligatory temperature screening of citizens who arrive by direct flights from Italy to Boryspil and Kyiv international airports.
According to Italian media, the Italian authorities are ready to take emergency measures related to the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus Covid-19 in the north of the country.