Business news from Ukraine


11 October , 2017  

KYIV. Oct 11 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The State Automobile Roads Agency, also known as Ukravtodor, intends to implement a project of the new Lviv-Budapest highway via the Dyida checkpoint.
The press service of Ukravtodor reported that the agency jointly with the World Bank have started preparing a pre-feasibility study of the project on construction (reconstruction) of Lviv-Mukachevo first category road.
Ukravtodor said that the road will be the main artery for exporting Ukrainian goods to Eastern and Southern Europe and the transit corridor for international trade across Ukraine from Belarus and Baltic states to Eastern and Southern Europe. It will also ensure the stable connection of Zakarpattia region with other Ukrainian regions.
Now M-06 road from Mukachevo to Lviv passes mountains and it takes around three hours and a half to drive it. The new highway would reduce this time to two hours.
The pre-feasibility study will draw up the optimal concept of the new route with proposals to reconstruct sections of the road or building new ones and it will determine the cost of the project in line with the concept.
The new highway would connect Lviv with Hungary’s M-3 highway Budapest-Nyiregyhaza and it will become the main transport corridor between Ukraine and Hungary.
In the future, the new Lviv-Mukachevo highway will be connected with Slovakian R-2 highway. This would allow connecting it with the high-speed highway systems of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany.