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25 February , 2021  

The connoisseurs of quality restaurants in the capital cannot pass by the new place. The concept of the Ygli restaurant focuses on meat dishes and hookah art, and the menu of the restaurant can surprise even a sophisticated guest with its variety. In it you will find dishes from Caucasian, Turkish, Lebanese and Uzbek cuisine.
We should also mention the chefs of the Ygli restaurant. The creators of the restaurant believe that the recipes for the most delicious khinkali, khachapuri, Lebanese fatush salad or kebab are known precisely by the representatives of national cuisines, who have absorbed secrets from older generations since childhood. Almost everyone can cook dishes, but putting soul and flavor is a complicated task.
Oriental motives are also seen in the interior of the establishment. The space occupies two floors and includes a main hall, a lounge area with a bar and a stage, a wine room, an open kitchen, a barbecue, a tandoor and a food display case inspired by Asian bazaars. The Ygli restaurant was designed by Loft Buro studio. The work was appreciated at the global level, because the restaurant’s interior was included in the Best Interior 2020 rating of the best projects worldwide!
Dishes are prepared in the open kitchen in the main part of the establishment, while guests can observe all the processes before their dishes are brought to the table, and even participate in them.
The lounge zone is a place where you can smoke a hookah, drink oriental tea or get to a party with a DJ and Ukrainian musicians.
Considering the theme of the institution, oriental motives are observed in the interior and decor elements. The long-awaited dinner can end not only with delicious dishes, but also with the desire to examine every corner of the room. However, you do not need to deny yourself this. Polished metal works well with wood and textiles, and one of the restaurant’s most striking features is the ceramic tile carpet. It starts at the doorstep of the restaurant and features Azerbaijani traditional patterns. If to look around, you can also notice the elements of Asia. The bright combination of textures, materials and decorative elements at the junction of several cultures turned out to be very harmonious.
The color scheme of the establishment is restrained and in cold shades. But due to bright accents and greenery, comfort and national flavor are felt.
As the name implies, the restaurant has a particularly reverent attitude towards meat. It is delivered from ecologically clean regions, and thanks to the professionalism of the chefs during cooking, it acquires new tastes and delicious aromas.
In the Ygli menu you can find a wide variety of meat dishes: assorted, chkmeruli, kebabs and shish kebabs from several types of meat. For those who do not eat meat, there are fish dishes and several types of seafood. Fans of sweets will not be left without a dessert for every taste. The common napoleon cake, cheesecake or juicy baklava? Choose what you like best!
The price policy of the Ygli restaurant is average. The menu includes desserts from UAH 40 and traditional dishes up to UAH 400.
For birthday guests, the restaurant gives a 15% discount, on Thursdays at the bar you can get a 50% discount for signature cocktails, and every Wednesday – a Welcome sparkling drink for girls.
You don’t have to buy tickets to experience new emotions and taste traditional cuisines of other countries, you can come to Velyka Vasylkivska Street and not worry about turbulence. The only thing worth thinking about is which dishes to choose first.

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