Business news from Ukraine


3 April , 2020  

Zaporizhstal metallurgical plant, affiliated with Metinvest Group, topped the list of the largest recipients of VAT refunds in March 2020 with UAH 859 million, which is more than twice as much as in February (UAH 404 million).
According to the State Treasury Service, Zaporizhstal is followed by ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih mining and metallurgical plant, which increased its tax refund indicator from UAH 579 million in February to almost UAH 611 million in March.
At the same time, Kernel-Trade agro-exporter, the leader among VAT refunds recipients in February, worsened its result by almost 2.3 times and ranked third with UAH 473.5 million (UAH 1.075 billion in February).
The five largest recipients of VAT refunds also included Glencore Agriculture Ukraine enterprises with UAH 450.7 million (there were no data on reimbursement last month) and ADM Ukraine with UAH 405.7 million (UAH 428 million in February).
The companies are followed by AT Cargill with UAH 334.7 million (data were not available in February). Mariupol-based Illich Steel Mill, affiliated with Metinvest Group, almost halved its result to UAH 313.4 million, while in February it received UAH 604 million.