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23 July , 2021  

The mortgage program, which is being implemented by the government at the initiative of the president of Ukraine through the Entrepreneurship Development Fund, did not affect housing sales, Viktoria Volkovska, the director general of the Finance and Investment Management Association (FIMA), has told Interfax-Ukraine.
According to FIMA research, 53.8% of surveyed managers of construction financing funds did not notice the impact of “mortgage at 7%” on sales and do not expect it in the future. At the same time, 38.5% still hope that it will have an impact on the volume of construction and sales. Only 7.7% are optimistic about the program and consider it as the beginning of active growth in the industry.
“Some 38.5% of respondents see the reason for the not very successful start of the “mortgage at 7%” as the conditions of the program do not suit the borrowers,” Volkovska said.
At the same time, 30.8% of respondents indicated that the terms of the program do not suit lenders and developers, and 7.7% simply believe that the program does not work.
“The fact that borrowers cannot pass financial scoring at the bank because of their salaries in envelopes is not considered a problem,” the expert emphasized.
The FIMA study is based on an online survey of construction finance fund managers, conducted following the results of the first half of 2021.
The Finance and Investment Management Association (FIMA) was established in May 2020. It unites 41 financial companies-managers of construction financing funds in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Khmelnytsky and Kharkiv.

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