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Metinvest B.V. (the Netherlands), the parent company of the international vertically integrated mining and metallurgical group Metinvest, has become a member of the Dutch Association of Metallurgical Industry (VNMI). According to a press release from the company, the trade association of Dutch producers of raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished steel products VNMI was established in 2000, uniting more than 80% of the players in the steel industry in the Netherlands.
The association represents Dutch steelworkers in European business associations in The Hague and Brussels. VNMI focuses on four areas: health and safety, energy and climate, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, trade and innovation.
It is noted that Metinvest Group has been developing these areas since its creation. The company supports global initiatives and participates in international environmental projects. In 2010, Metinvest joined the UN Global Compact.

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The State Customs Service on July 16 was registered in the unified state register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public organizations of the Ministry of Justice. “When you enter the register and you are happy. Today Maksym Nefyodov [the head of the State Customs Service appointed as a result of a tender] has registered the State Customs Service,” Finance Minister Oksana Markarova said on Facebook.
As reported, on July 13 Nefyodov completed his work as deputy minister of economic development and trade and from July 15 began to serve as head of the customs service.
The government of Ukraine in December 2018 decided to divide the State Fiscal Service into the State Customs Service and the State Tax Service. The State Tax Service was registered earlier, and the creation of the State Customs Service was delayed because of contesting the tender for the head of the department in court.

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered that a strategic plan be developed for qualifying to host the Olympic Games in Ukraine. “We need a plan, let’s say, that we are ready to build in 3-4 years and then we can get in line to host the Olympics. We must be ambitious,” Zelensky put the corresponding task during a conversation with Minister of Youth and Sports Ihor Zhdanov and President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Serhiy Bubka on the territory of the State Enterprise Olympic Educational and Sports Center Koncha Zaspa on Tuesday.
According to the head of state, now we need to develop a sports infrastructure which can then be used for the Olympic Games.
“We should give a task to our guys, who are looking for investments, give a task to our budget, to allocate money annually to the objects we need, and then will be used for the Olympics. At least, we must try to achieve this,” Zelensky said.
For his part, Bubka noted that the upcoming Olympic Games for which Ukraine can apply is the 2030 Winter Olympics or the 2032 Summer Olympics.
At the same time, President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine noted that it would be more real if we host some of the following Winter or Summer Youth Olympic Games in our country.



Aerohandling LLC, engaged in ground service at Boryspil airport (Kyiv), plans to expand the scope of its work towards serving flights at major regional airports in Ukraine and Europe, director general of Aerohandling Oleh Holokhvastov has said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.
“We plan enter foreign and Ukrainian regional airports. We are now preparing the company’s development strategy and conducting preliminary calculations. It’s too early to talk about specifics, as we are in the process of making a decision. We consider major airports in Ukraine and Europe. We plan to start talks this year,” he said.
In addition, the company plans to continue developing its facilities in Boryspil: to master the maintenance and transportation of cargo from the aircraft to the warehouse, to work with express mail and express deliveries.
The plans of Aerohandling also include building our own technical base in the restricted area of the airport.
Aerohandling LLC provides ground handling services at Boryspil International Airport.

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Freight transportation on the Dnipro river in January-June 2019 increased by 42% compared to the same period in 2018, to 4.2 million tonnes.
As the Rivers of Ukraine Association reported on Facebook with reference to the Sea Ports Authority of Ukraine, the number of ship passages along the Dnipro decreased by 23%, to almost 4,500 voyages.
Transportation of metals in January-June increased by 45%, to 647,000 tonnes, grain shipments rose by 115.2%, to 1.722 million tonnes, those of building materials and other goods by 7.5% to nearly 1.819 million tonnes. At the same time, fuel transportation decreased by 51%, to 13,000 tonnes.
As reported, 16.5 million tonnes of freight was transported by river in Ukraine in 2018. Freight traffic on the Dnipro last year increased by 22.4% from 2017, to about 9.9 million tonnes.
In 2016-2018, transportation of grain freight across the Dnipro grew by 180% and that of construction freight by 130%, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
The volume of traffic by inland waterways in 2016-2018 increased by 112% compared with 2013-2015, to 9.9 million tonnes in 2018.

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A study of the world’s most dangerous countries for women traveling alone reveals the good, the bad and the ugly
There’s hearsay. There are personal anecdotes from other travelers. There are specific worries. Then, there are the hard facts. We’ve gathered data from a variety of trusted international sources to create a “Women’s Danger Index” that will help you find the worst (and safest) countries for solo female travel.
At the end of the article we also have 42 tips on how women can stay safe while traveling alone.

Our Methodology
Ranking the top 50 countries with the most international tourists by a grand total of eight different factors, our “Women’s Danger Index” was compiled using the following data sources:
Gallup World Poll (2018): Percentage of women who feel safe walking alone at night = 2 points
Equal Measures 2030 (2018): Female victims of intentional homicide index = 2 points
UN Women (2016): Lifetime Non-Partner Sexual Violence = 1 point
Georgetown Institute (2017/2018): Lifetime Intimate Partner Violence = 1 point
Georgetown Institute (2017/2018): Legal Discrimination = 1 point
World Economic Forum (2017): Global Gender Gap = 1 point
UN Development Program (2017): Gender Inequity = 1 point
OECD (2018): Attitudes Toward Violence Against Women Survey = 1 point
To measure safety abroad, one cannot look at only data on street safety, rape or violence. It also depends on the general attitude of the culture, minutiae of the legal system, and systematic oppression of local women. These issues can affect everything, from easily getting a taxi alone to having your voice be heard in a conversation to even needing a male escort for your personal safety. A lot on our list, such as attitudes toward partner violence, may not affect solo female travelers directly, but these factors are a good indication of overall attitudes within the culture.
Sadly, not one country received an “A” which indicates we have a long way to go before there is true equality between men and women on Earth. Thankfully, there are many signs that things are improving and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Please note: We gave both the “percentage of women who feel safe walking alone at night” and the “female victims of intentional homicide index” a double weighting score because they are very good indicators of safety for foreign female travelers and are more likely to be highly accurate since it isn’t “shameful” to admit. Whereas, non-partner and intimate partner sexual violence are obviously strong indicators for rape but the seriously widespread underreporting (to differing degrees per country) makes it hard to justify double weight because it could skew the results more than is fair.

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