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Another 580 foreign companies remain to work in the Russian market and do business there “as usual”, while they left Russia or stopped operations there 1,439 thousand. international companies from 70 countries and 55 different industries, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.
“Currently, there are 580 more companies on the Foreign Ministry’s radar, which continue the so-called business as usual from Russia, that is, they pretend that nothing has happened,” he said on Instagram on Monday.
The Minister added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent to eight of the largest international corporations to stop working in Russia, these are system players in the Russian market. Without receiving a reaction, the ministry intends to continue working with them in another plane.
“We can’t order them to leave. But we need to work from different sides,” Kuleba said.

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Ukraine has temporarily suspended international adoption during the war, but is grateful to partner countries that provide asylum to Ukrainian children, said Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova.
“There is a request from many countries to adopt our children, but there is a note from Prime Minister Denis Shmygal that we have suspended any international adoption. Because the child has left and may be considered an orphan, but his parents may be found,” Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova told the agency. Interfax-Ukraine “at the exhibition Russia War Crimes House in Davos during the World Economic Forum.
According to her, there are no problems with Ukrainian children who have left for the partner countries, and Ukraine is grateful for the asylum provided to them and for ensuring their safety.
“Then there will be time to give him (the child – IF) the appropriate status and decide his fate,” – said Denisova.
At the same time, she stated the problem with the forced deportation of Ukrainian orphans and children deprived of parental care to Russia. According to her, such information has been confirmed for 2,161 children.
The ombudsman said that these children had been taken out and were being prepared for adoption by Russian citizens. “This is the genocide of the Ukrainian people. This is clearly established in the Convention against Genocide and defined by the Rome Charter,” Denisova stressed.
Russia War Crimes House is organized by the Pinchuk Foundation and PinchukArtCentre in partnership with the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian Pravda and the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers.


Losses among civilians from February 24, when Russia started the war against Ukraine, to 24:00 on May 22 amounted to 8,462 civilians (three days earlier – 8,189), including 3,930 dead (3,838), according to the Office of the UN High Commissioner. on Human Rights (UNHCR) on Monday.
“OHCHR believes that the actual figures are much higher as information from some places of intense fighting is delayed and many reports are still awaiting confirmation,” the document said.
According to him, this applies, for example, to Mariupol (Donetsk region), Izyum (Kharkiv region) and Popasnaya (Luhansk region), where there are reports of numerous casualties among the civilian population. They are subject to further verification and are not included in the above statistics.
“The cause of most civilian deaths or injuries was the use of explosive devices with extensive damage, including heavy artillery shelling and multiple rocket launchers, as well as missiles and air strikes,” the statement said.
According to confirmed UN data, 1,482 men, 973 women, 98 boys and 90 girls died, while the sex of 69 children and 1,218 adults has not yet been determined.
Among the 4,532 injured were 124 boys and 106 girls, as well as 164 children, the sex of whom has not yet been established.
Compared to the summary, three days earlier the child died and 11 others were injured.
UNHCR notes that at midnight on 23 May, 2,072 (1992) deaths and 2003 (1,872) injuries were recorded in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in government-controlled territory, and 128 (127) deaths and 522 (509) wounded in self-proclaimed territories. “republics”.
In other regions of Ukraine under government control (in Kiev, as well as in Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia, Kyiv, Sumy, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy and Chernihiv regions) the UN recorded 1730 (1719) dead and 2007 (1970) wounded .
The summary traditionally states that the increase in the previous summary should not be attributed only to the cases of May 20-22, as during this period the Office verified a number of cases for the previous days.

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The Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Bank of Germany, German banks and the National Bank of Ukraine will launch a program for Ukrainian refugees to exchange cash hryvnia for euros on May 24, the press service of the German Ministry of Finance said.

According to the report, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Bank of Germany have signed an agreement with the National Bank of Ukraine on the initial volume of exchange of 1.5 billion UAH.

It is stated that refugees can exchange 100, 200, 500 and 1000 banknotes (up to 10 thousand hryvnias) for euros in German banks and savings banks participating in the program.

The conversion into euros takes place at the exchange rate published on the Bundesbank website (, the report said.

The press service noted that the exchange will be registered in an online application submitted by the European Central Bank to ensure that the individual maximum amount of the exchange is not exceeded, for which the identity of each adult refugee wishing to participate in the exchange is recorded and verified.

It is specified that the exchange is initially possible within three months, and the losses resulting from the exchange are borne by the federal budget.

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From day to day Ukraine expects deliveries of gasoline from the state reserve of Poland, which were supposed to cover a quarter of consumption in May.
This was announced by First Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Denys Kudin during the talk show “Ukrainian Petroleum Products Market: Temporary Crisis or Large-Scale Collapse?” organized by the Energy Club on Monday.
According to him, unlike diesel fuel, the volumes of gasoline imports into the country currently do not cover the volumes of its consumption.
“And here we are counting on the help of our European partners, in particular, the Polish state reserve, which promised to give us approximately a quarter of the consumption in May. We are expecting this supply from day to day,” Kudin said.
At the same time, according to him, the volume of imports of diesel fuel to Ukraine is currently 20% higher than the volume of its consumption.
“This is enough for the buyer, after standing in line, to be able to fill his tank, albeit with restrictions, but 20 liters, but not enough to remove the queue,” the first deputy economy minister said.
In his opinion, the reason for the preservation of queues at gas stations for buyers of diesel fuel is its low stocks from operators – 3-5 days of sale instead of the previous 15-20 days. At the same time, individual operators do work “from the wheels.”
Nevertheless, as the First Deputy Minister emphasized, in the first half of May, at a meeting with European partners on providing Ukraine with fuel, decisions were made that give Kyiv the opportunity to look to the future with optimism.
“However, you need to understand: the war continues, the enemy is systematically destroying our infrastructure … The enemy is destroying the railway, so we all need to be patient and gradually rebuild our consumption,” Kudin said.
According to the Ministry of Economy, Russian aggressors have destroyed 27 oil depots in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.
As reported, according to the updated forecast of the Ministry of Economy, consumption of 300,000 tonnes of diesel and 120,000 tonnes of gasoline is expected in May. The ministry noted that such a volume of imports has already been contracted by Ukrainian chains.

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The German Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), which operates the Container Terminal Odesa (CTO) and two intermodal logistics companies in Ukraine, is organizing the Odesa-Trieste container route, Managing Director of HHLA International GmbH Philip Joseph Sweens has said.
“Now we are creating a chain linking Odesa and Trieste… and trying to manage as many trains as possible,” he said at a discussion organized by the European Business Association last week about doing business in the conditions of war in Ukraine.
At the same time, Sweens said that Ukraine is already facing a shortage of railway platforms and the reluctance of shipping lines to send containers back to Ukraine.
“So for now it’s a bit of a one-way route,” the managing director said.
Commenting on the situation at the terminal, he said that it was shut down at a request of the authorities at the beginning of the war and only a limited set of operations for the delivery and reception of containers is carried out, as Russia continues to impede any movement of ships in the Black Sea.
According to Sweens, the terminal was not damaged. More than 270 employees and their families were evacuated to Hamburg and Constanta. The director said that the staff did and is doing everything possible to maintain the efficiency of Ukrainian companies, and continues to receive salaries.
He added that all existing equipment is being maintained, so everything is in working order, and the terminal will be ready to quickly resume operation if the opportunity arises.
“It is clear that we remain very committed to Ukraine and will do our best to continue working in the long term,” Sweens said.
According to him, under the current conditions, the company is asking the authorities to impose a moratorium on rental payments, as they are quite high for the terminal, which now has a very small volume of activity.

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