Business news from Ukraine


20 March , 2018  

Astarta agroindustrial holding, the largest sugar producer in Ukraine, has started working in the fields and applied fertilizers to 40% of fields with winter crops.
The holding said in a press release that wheat, sugar beets, corn and soybeans remain the main crops in crop rotation.
In general, the company has around 54,000 ha with winter crops. The crops are in a good state.
“Areas planted with sugar beet will be at the level of last year, areas with corn and sunflower would be expanded,” the press service said.
The company also plans to stir up operations of subsidiary Astarta-Selection in 2018. The company’s core business is production of wheat and soybeans for seeds, field research, seed and soil laboratories.
In the course of preparation for the upcoming season, scheduled repairs of equipment and premises, step-by-step execution of investment projects are being carried out at the sugar refineries of Astarta. Large investment in this segment is aimed at building a new warehouse for bulk storage of sugar (Narkevychi sugar factory), creating a system of water treatment plants (between the Holbyne sugar refinery, the bioenergy complex and the Holbyne soybean processing plant) and installing new pulp presses.
Astarta is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding operating in Poltava, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Kharkiv regions.