Business news from Ukraine


18 October , 2019  

Agromino has finalized a deal with the owner of Resilient and the key shareholder in Agromino – Mabon – on the acquisition of 100% of shares in Resilient for a consideration of 7.474 million newly issued shares in Agromino, equivalent to a value of EUR 12.935 million.
According to a posting on the website of Agromino, Mabon subscribed for the newly issued shares at a subscription price of SEK 18.6 per share and is now controlling approximately 74.3% of the outstanding shares and votes in Agromino.
The total number of Agromino’s shares after the deal grew from 17.421 million to 24.895 million.
The final valuation made by the company’s financial adviser, BDO, confirmed that the fair market value of Resilient corresponds to EUR 13.474 million.
Agromino said that Resilient will be consolidated as part of Agromino group from October 17, 2019.
Agromino (formerly Trigon Agri) was established in 2006. It specializes in grain and dairy production, agricultural trade.
In Ukraine, the company owns three silos with a capacity of 85,000 tonnes. Its land bank is about 47,000 hectares in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Kirovohrad regions.