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22 October , 2021  

About 98% of Ukrainian citizens hospitalized with coronavirus disease COVID-19 are unvaccinated, Health Minister Viktor Liashko said.
“I have one clear answer: there is no need to wait for some region to enter the red level of epidemic danger. Today there is an opportunity to prevent it from getting there: you need to get off the couch, come to the vaccination center and get vaccinated. Why is this important? Because when transferring to the red level of epidemic danger, there are three criteria regarding hospitalization. The rate of hospitalization, the percentage of hospitalized, as well as the occupancy of beds with oxygen. What does statistics show today? That among hospitalized 95-98% are unvaccinated,” Liashko said in a comment to journalists on Thursday at the presentation of the book of MP Yulia Hrishyna “Knowledge that Changes the World.”
Therefore, according to the minister, today we can influence this situation as follows: “we get vaccinated – we prevent hospitalizations, we do not allow the red level of epidemic danger: schools, kindergartens, business, the economy are working, we are raising the level of the economy, we are investing in the health care system.”
Answering the question about the reasons for the low level of vaccination in the country, Liashko noted that in this case, attention should be paid to the dynamics of vaccination.
“Now we see an increase in the number of vaccinated. Three days in a row – a daily record, and yesterday a pleasant record: 251,000 vaccinations per day were made. We have reached the level that European countries reach in four to five months. If you look at when we got access to the vaccine, and this is July, then we have caught up with the same European rates. The main thing is that they do not slow down,” the minister said.

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