Business news from Ukraine


3 June , 2020  

A new success story has begun due to great patience of Ukrainians, well-coordinated work of state authorities and heroism of doctors, Director General of ANEX Tour Ukraine Ilker Adiguzel said.
According to reports from various countries and statements by public officials in Ukraine, borders will open for air traffic from June 15. ANEX Tour is already checking out the flight schedule based on bilateral agreements. Certainly, first flights will be launched to the countries which have prepared their infrastructure for receiving guests, he noted.
“Turkey, which is our main destination, will start receiving guests from July 1 this year. It has become an exemplary country of the world by taking all necessary safety measures for tourists and the tourism sector as a whole. Also, the UAE and Asian countries most likely will be among the first countries to open for flights. Serious work is being carried out there at the top level with the aim of reviving tourism and making the infrastructure safe. The time of a coronavirus outbreak was the most difficult for European countries. However, we hope that flights to Europe will be allowed at the next stage. We will start from Spain. With its destinations network covering all countries, ANEX Tour is the world’s second largest tour operator. Taking this fact into account, according to the calendar (including the schedule of flights and opening of borders), in line with official decisions and strategic forecasts, which will be approved, we continue offering the best services to our tourists. We are preparing to win hearts of millions of Ukrainian travelers by transporting them safely to vacations of their dream,” Adiguzel said.
He also noted that it is planned to launch new direct flights from Ukraine to popular destinations.

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