Business news from Ukraine


18 September , 2020  

Bastion-Group LLC that privatized SE Kyivpasservis in May 2020 intends to start the wide-scale enhancing of the capital and regional bus stations.
According to Kyivpasservis Marketing Director Dmytro Ozhihov, Kyiv Central Bus Station is the first in line for enhancing.
“We have already received all legal permits and documents for enhancing Kyiv Central Bus Station, its plan and design are ready to be published soon,” Ozhihov said.
The private investor plans to create an international transport hub based on Kyiv Central Bus Station and develop a European bus service culture.
In the new bus station, it is planned to equip modern food courts, information boards throughout its territory, recreation areas, as well as a medical office to assist passengers and provide preliminary examination of drivers.
The new project of the bus station takes into account all the requirements for infrastructure use by disabled passengers.
In the future, it is planned to build a modern hotel for short time guests waiting for runs or staying overnight at the bus station.

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