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6 July , 2018  

JSC Research and Industrial Center Borschahivka chemical and pharmaceutical plant plans by the end of 2018 to invest UAH 176 million, including in the completion of the upgrade of the new production line. “We invested UAH 76.9 million in development in 2017. Until the end of 2018, we intend to invest UAH 176 million in the production update. This money will go, including, to complete the construction of a new site for the production of pills and capsules, the launch of which is scheduled for 2019,” Director General of the plant Yulia Zdarevska told Interfax-Ukraine.
She said that the capacity of the new workshop will be 500 million pills and capsules, which will increase the total production capacity of these dosage forms by 27%.
Zdarevska also said that in the fourth quarter of 2020, the plant plans to put into operation a finished goods warehouse for 5,000 pallet positions.
In addition, the company plans to reconstruct the department of sterile antibiotics and a site for the production of medicines in vials, and intends to expand the capacity of the production site of lyophilic preparations.
“The renovation of equipment is only one of the components of the development of the plant in general. The purchase of new equipment and software is necessary, because we plan to expand production and output new products both to the domestic market and to foreign ones,” the plant’s director general said.
In addition, she recalled the company’s plans to expand the geography of exports and establish relations with foreign partners, invest in the development and conduct of research.
Currently, the plant’s medicines are manufactured in five main workshops, each of which fully complies with GMP standards, and production lines are equipped with modern high-tech equipment from leading European companies.

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