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27 August , 2020  

Cereal Plant, a leading producer of cereals in Ukraine, in January-June 2020 receive EUR 247,000 in net profit compared to EUR 26,000 over the same time in 2019.
According to a reported of Cereal Planet PLС holding on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on August 14, its revenue over the review period doubled to EUR 17.47 million and gross profit increased by 2.3 times, to EUR 3.99 million.
In April-June 2020, Cereal Planet saw EUR 246,000 in net profit against EUR 2,000 in Q2, 2019. Its revenue increased by 2.1 times, to EUR 9.96 million, and gross profit – by 2.3 times, to EUR 2.19 million in Q2, 2020.
Cereal Planet said in its report that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic did not affect the company’s work. In addition, weather conditions were favorable for a good grain harvest, therefore the company expects good supplies of raw materials. The company will also expand sales on international markets and constantly looks for customers all over the world.
According to the report, in January-June 2020 the company saw a 48% rise in exports, to EUR 7.47 million, as compared to H1, 2019. Export accounted for 42% of the total sales. Imports in H1, 2020 increased by 5.9 times, to EUR 1.58 million.
In the first half of 2020, the company increased production of cereals by 1.7 times, to 23,100 tonnes compared to the same time in 2019. Production of peas tripled, to 11,750 tonnes, buckwheat – by 43%, to 4,100 tonnes, bulgur – by 2%, to 2,840 tonnes, millet – by 42%, to 2,390 tonnes, barley groats – by 1.7 times, to 296 tonnes.
In Q2, 2020, Cereal Plant increased cereals production by 1.7 times as compared to April-June 2019, to 10,240 tonnes. Production of peas increased by 2.7 times, to 4,840 tonnes, buckwheat – by 14%, to 1,540 tonnes, millet – by 3.6 times, to 1,160 tonnes, barley groats – by 48%, to 628 tonnes, while bulgur output dropped by 19%, to 1,160 tonnes and flakes production was 60% down, to 169 tonnes.
Cereal Planet produces weight groats for the B2B segment under the Olimp trademark (Bulgur, Ridlana, Mayfayna, Zlatokositsa product lines) and animal feed mixes under the Lyuba Ferma trademark. The company exports groats and cereals to more than 50 countries (China, India, Germany, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Turkey, etc.).
According to the group, Cereal Planet accounts for up to 10% of the Ukrainian cereals market. Its monthly output is 4,500 – 5,000 tonnes.
Its owners are Anatoliy Vlasenko and Oleksandr Vlasenko with 33.53% and 29.93%, respectively, as well as Oleksandr Slavhorodsky with 29.93% and Ihor Dobruskin with 5.5%.

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