Business news from Ukraine


14 February , 2020  

Chornomorsk seaport (Odesa region) in January 2020 increased cargo transshipment by 16.7% compared to the same period in 2019, to 2.309 million tonnes.
According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, during this period Chornomorsk port increased transshipment of exported cargo by 16.3%, to 1.909 million tonnes, imported goods by 11.2%, to 315,630 tonnes, transit cargo by 47.5%, to 78,760 tonnes, and also transshipped 5,500 tonnes of coastal freight (no transshipment of coastal freight in January 2019).
Handling of liquid cargo in the port in January 2020 fell by 11%, to 109,230 tonnes, dry bulk cargo grew by 25.1%, to 1.651 million tonnes, packaged goods by 2.3%, to 548,690 tonnes.
Container transshipment was 13,014 TEU (a rise of 24.5%).
As reported, the volume of transshipment at the port in 2019 rose by 21.4% compared to 2018, to 26.153 million tonnes.