Business news from Ukraine


22 October , 2019  

Coal reserves in the warehouses of thermal power plants (TPP) of energy generating companies in Ukraine increased by 8.2% (by 106,200 tonnes) from October 15 to October 21, to 1.391 million tonnes, which is 14% (228,100 tonnes) less than last year, according to the Ministry of Energy and Environment Protection.
According to the calculations of the Interfax-Ukraine agency, reserves of anthracite in the warehouses of thermal power plants amounted to 340,300 tonnes, which is 11.5% more than a week ago, and almost twice as much as a year earlier (173,400 tonnes). At the same time, gas coal reserves at thermal power plants’ warehouses amount to 1.051 million tonnes, which is 7.2% (71,000 tonnes) more than last week, and 27.3% (395,200 tonnes) less than last year.
Coal reserves (anthracite and gas) in the warehouses of combined heat and power plants for the week rose by 7.5% (by 12,400 tonnes), to 176,500 tonnes, which is 26.1% (62,500 tonnes) less than on October 22, 2018.
As reported, the consumption of energy grades of coal by TPPs and combined heat and power plants in the country in 2018 increased by 5.7% (by 1.409 million tonnes) compared to 2017, to 26.22 million tonnes.

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