Business news from Ukraine


5 December , 2017  

KYIV. Dec 5 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Corum Group, which unites the machine building assets of System Capital Management (SCM) financial and industrial group, has purchased a Korean boring and milling machine DOOSAN DBC160 for Svitlo Shakhtaria plant in Kharkiv, the company’s press service has said.
“This is the largest investment in the company’s production equipment park in the last few years. The purchase of the tool will make it possible to manufacture most hull parts for machinery at its own facilities, which will significantly speed up the delivery of orders, as well as automate many production processes and increase output,” the report says.
The amount of investments in the DOOSAN tool is about EUR1 million, while it is comparable to the expected economic effect: using own machine park will allow saving three- or four-time more resources and time for both the plant and Corum’s customers.
According to a press release, the processing machine was purchased in order to increase the throughput capacity for the most critical technological operations – the so called debottlenecking, one of which was the processing of large parts of hull products.
The first order, made at the end of September of this year with the participation of the new center, is a tunneling combine for Bilozerske coal directorate, and at the moment it processes hull parts for harvesters and other plant products.