Business news from Ukraine


30 April , 2019  

Zhovtnevy district court in Mariupol has declared inaccurate information regarding Interchem pharmaceutical company (Odesa) posted by one of Odesa websites.
According to the press service of the pharmaceutical company, the court issued such a decision, having considered the suit of Interchem regarding the article “Does the Odesa enterprise kill Ukrainian youth?”
Interchem noted that this text was made public on one of the online portals in Odesa,, and then was actively disseminated on the Internet in order to put pressure on the enterprise.
“Interchem pharmaceutical company was called the manufacturer of cheap drugs in the report. It was pointed out that its director general Anatoliy Reder was repeatedly involved in criminal proceedings, there was also other information discrediting honor and dignity. After the authors [of the article] had failed to confirm the information, the court obliged the owner of the resource to refute the report,” the company said.
The court satisfied the claims on recognizing the disseminated information as false, violating the honor, dignity and business reputation of Reder and Interchem.
Interchem is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine. It was founded in 1992. It is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of medicines for hard and cancer patients, as well as one of the drug suppliers under the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programs.