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14 January , 2021  

The Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters has updated the decision to temporarily ban and restrict border crossing. From January 14 to January 31, special epidemiological measures are being introduced for persons arriving from countries where the new strain of coronavirus is spreading, the Ukrainian Embassy in Croatia said.
“Therefore, persons, including citizens of Ukraine, who arrive in Croatia from countries where a new strain of coronavirus is widespread, upon entering Croatia must present a negative PCR test result (valid 48 hours), and they will also be assigned a 14-day self-isolation. Self-isolation can be reduced to seven days, subject to the availability of an additional PCR test at their own expense in Croatia (after seven days of self-isolation) and if the test is negative,” the embassy said on Facebook.
Citizens of Ukraine who enter Croatia for urgent personal reasons (funeral, medical treatment) have the right to enter Croatia without a negative PCR test result, provided that they leave the country within 12 hours from the moment of entry.
Citizens of Ukraine who plan to enter Croatia for the purpose of volunteering in earthquake-affected territories have the right to enter Croatia without a negative PCR test result with the prior permission of the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters.
Other conditions for the entry of Ukrainian citizens into Croatia during the period of restrictive measures remain unchanged.
Ukrainian citizens permanently residing in Ukraine have the right to enter Croatia in exceptional cases. Entry is permitted for medical professionals, health researchers, elderly care workers, border guards, transport workers, diplomats, international organizations, the military, police officers, humanitarian workers and civil protection workers on duty. Also, entry is allowed for persons traveling in transit or for the purpose of training, traveling for urgent personal, family and business interests, as well as seafarers.
Ukrainian citizens are not allowed to enter Croatia for tourist purposes. The ban does not apply to citizens of Ukraine who have a valid residence permit in the countries of the European Union, subject to the presentation of a negative PCR test result upon entry into Croatia, or with the obligatory passage of self-isolation and passing the appropriate PCR test in Croatia.
If there is a reason for entering Croatia, travelers must register their intention on the website of the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs and print the registration number of the application, so such confirmation will speed up the border crossing, but it is not an entry permit from the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs.