Business news from Ukraine


17 May , 2018  

Milkiland, a dairy group with assets in Ukraine, Russia and Poland, saw a 2.1-fold rise in net profit in January-March 2018 year-over-year, to EUR 2.38 million.
According to a report of the group on the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), revenue in Q1 2018 fell by 18.5%, to EUR 30.1 million, and gross profit – by 22.6%, to EUR 5.28 million.
In January-March 2018, the group saw EUR 74,000 of operating loss compared with EUR 3.61 million of operating profit a year ago.
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fell by 34.8% year-over-year, to EUR 1.58 million. EBITDA margin fell by 2 percentage points, to 5%.
The Russian market generated 67% of the group’s revenue or EUR 20.12 million, which is 19.8% less than a year ago. The Ukrainian market’s share was 25% of total revenue, a rise by 12.6%, to EUR 6.88 million. Poland occupied 8% of total revenue, a rise by 23%, to EUR 2.26 million.
Whole-milk dairy was the largest segment in terms of revenue and business segments EBITDA providing for c. 60% of revenue – EUR 18.19 million or 16% less year-over-year, cheese & butter segment contributed approximately 27% to the group’s total revenue – EUR 8.22 million (14% down). In ingredients segment, revenue declined 36% year-over-year to EUR 3.7 million depressed by unfavorable international global market conjuncture. It contributed c. 12% to the group’s total revenue.

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