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30 April , 2021  

From May, 1 till May, 4in Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus («Kyivan Rus Park») Easter with the consecration of dishes and a bright rest will take place. In an ecologically clean area, on fresh air, on a territory of over 20 ha the guests will be awaited by horse rides and competitions, amusements, tasty dishes from a bonfire and the acquaintance with horses of rare historical breeds.
On Easter, May, 2 it will be possible to consecrate dishes in the unique reconstructed wooden temple of the Х century. A solemn procession will be organized to the Basyl`s church which will end with a festive Easter prayer. The priest will consecrate the Easter baskets of all the guests in the yard of the church. It will be possible to order hot shashliks, medieval dishes and drinks right on place. You can also take baskets from home with you.
On May, 1, 2, 3 and 4 the festive program will begin with the solemn greeting of the Great Prince of Kyiv Volodymyr with treats and surprises. Princess Spring will charm the guests with fiery songs performed live. After all the guests will be invited to take part in the solemn procession to the unique reconstructed Basyl`s church of the Х century.
The festive program will continue with horse performances, trick riding elements, and also the unique «Princely hunt» performance from the actors of the horse-trick theatre of Ancient Kyiv with the use of different medieval weapon.
The costume tournament of horseback archers will be the holiday gift for the guests. During these days the strongest sportsmen-virtuosos will come to the Principality in order to compete in the traditional (historical) bow shooting accuracy on a horseback at full gallop. This is an incredibly difficult task for the competition participants, but at the same time an excitable and thrilling spectacle for the viewers!
The competition between the participants will be fierce, as the tournament winners will get the chance to take part in the «Scythians» Open horseback archery championship of Ukraine, which will take place in Ancient Kyiv on May, 15-16.
The guests will not only watch the action on the Big tilting-yard. All the willing ones will have a chance to test their force and dexterity by taking part in master-classes.
During May, 1 – 4 all the guests of Ancient Kyiv will be awaited by a kaleidoscope of bright emotions in a real live medieval city, which will then continue on May, 8, 9 and 10.
The acquaintance with the unique horses of rare historical breeds, gathered from all over the world in the Princely stable, will be waiting for the guests. The representatives of some breeds can be found nowhere else in Ukraine as they were brought to our country in a single number. Experienced instructors-horse-breeders will tell about the origin of the breeds and their features. Every visitor will get a chance to approach the horses, palm them, take a photo with and even have a ride on a horseback or in a carriage.
In Ancient Kyiv everyone will find an activity at his liking. Here you can shoot a bow and toss knives in the medieval shooting range, fly on the «Politaylo» rope descent and the «Zmiy Gorynych» speed slide, visit the Fortune-teller, dress into historical costumes of the Kyivan Rus times and make a photo session in them. In medieval stores it will be possible to choose original hand-made souvenirs for memory and to learn new on medieval master-classes.
On the Medieval cuisine you can taste delicious drinks and dishes prepared on bonfires both according to ancient and modern recipes.
If you wish to prolongate your travel to the Middle Ages for one more day you can stay for the night in comfortable rooms (by previous booking).
Ancient Kyiv opens at 10:00, the beginning of the program at 13:30.
 The program may change.
The visit of Ancient Kyiv is subject to the quarantine regime requirements.
Ancient Kyiv is in a 45-minutes’ drive from modern Kyiv – in the Kyiv region, Obukhiv district, vill. Kopachiv.
You can get by your own car or by public transport. The schedule of route taxis check on the «Obukhivtrans» website or on the «Kyivan Rus Park» website in the «Contacts» section.
The cost of entrance tickets:
– A full adult ticket:
– On May, 1, 3 and 4 – 230 Uah.
– On May, 2 – 250 Uah.
– for pensioners and students – 150 Uah.,
– for schoolchildren – 80 Uah.,
– for preschool children – for free.
Detailed information on the website:
The Interfax subscribers can save money with the “openbusiness-20” promo code for a 20%-discount for a full price adult ticket to the Principality of Kyivan Rus:
– by previous order by tel.: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
– or at the cash desk at the entrance to the «Kyivan Rus Park».

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