Business news from Ukraine


5 October , 2015  

KYIV. Oct 5 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine has proposed that a possibility of selling a minority stake of shares in Antonov State Enterprise to a foreign strategic investor to promote the company to the competitive global markets is considered.

This is stipulated in the analytical report “Top 100 largest state enterprises” published on the ministry’s website.

The ministry said that the sale of shares in Antonov could attract investment, which could also come from the state via the increase of the share capital or the long-term loan on the beneficial conditions.

According to the report, the company should change the marketing strategy to improve sales of Ukrainian aircraft on the global market, including the search for new opportunities of leasing and expansion of the servicing change of the company in the world.

The ministry said that the stable inflow of new orders would help saving funds thanks to growth of production and improve the financial state and liquidity of Antonov.

The ministry said that the reduction of production could be overcome thanks to the creation or expansion local production facilities (own or via investment in other state enterprises, for example, Pivdenmash) and the attraction of foreign (not Russian) suppliers.

The ministry said that Antonov could optimize expenses thanks to abandoning non-profile assets and the revision of the model range of aircraft with the purpose of focusing on promising models, including An-158 and potentially An-178 and An-70.