Business news from Ukraine


14 April , 2015  

KYIV. April 14 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine will pay special attention to the exports of services from Ukraine, Deputy Minister and Trade Commissioner Natalia Mykolska has said at the forum entitled “Exports: Second Breath.”

“The important direction is adding stress to exports of services. Now it is 17% of total Ukrainian exports. As a rule, in the countries which have a balanced approach to exports of goods and services, it is around 25-30%. The ministry will pay more attention to exporters of services. This is not only the IT sector, these are educational, tourism, medical and other services,” she said.

Mykolska said that infrastructure should be developed and the business climate should be changed so that businesses not conduct transactions via offshore companies.

She said that the ministry will be guided by several key principles, the first being efficiency.

“We have many mechanisms which were little used by business or were not used at all. These are intergovernmental and interagency commissions, negotiations on free trade areas and the attraction of businesses to them. We have mechanisms – visits of our officials to other states. Our task is during each visit of our minister, prime minister or other high-ranking official, they [should] lobby for the trade interests of our country,” she said.

Mykolska added that the ministry will work transparently with small and medium-sized businesses.