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Recovery Construction Forum Ukraine took place on April 11

13 April , 2024  

RECOVERY CONSTRUCTION FORUM UKRAINE was held on April 11, 2024, bringing together government officials and the construction community to discuss current industry challenges and effectively coordinate efforts to rebuild Ukraine.
The forum was attended by over 2,000 people, including community representatives, construction business representatives, architects, construction students and other guests.
– The first block of discussion was devoted to the state policy of Ukraine’s reconstruction.
– Ms. Natalia Kozlovska, Deputy Minister of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine, spoke about the current priorities of community and infrastructure recovery, tools and resources that are provided to communities for their participation in the recovery process. Ms. Natalia paid special attention to effective coordination between different agencies and local authorities in the recovery process.
– “If something happens, it is only because of the symbiosis between the state and the market. Thank you to those who support us in the implementation of decisions, sometimes telling us what will not work and what needs to be improved,” Ms. Natalia said.
– Valeria Ivanova, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of Ukraine (Restoration Agency), told about the areas of responsibility of the Restoration Agency: these are large infrastructure facilities, transportation infrastructure, logistics and border crossing checkpoints, frontline infrastructure, restoration of damaged and destroyed towns and villages, restoration of housing and social infrastructure. For example, 330 bridges have been repaired during 2022-2023.
– “Monitoring and analysis of procurement has already been implemented – we verify with experts the tender documentation for the absence of discriminatory criteria. We also evaluate the efficiency of procurement, analyze estimates, improve approaches,” said Valeria Ivanova.
– Mr. Oleksandr Novitskiy, Chairman of the State Inspectorate of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine (SIAM), told what mechanisms are in place to ensure transparency of SIAM work and in what direction they will be developed. In particular, he noted the role of automation of processes of obtaining authorization documentation for transparency. For example, last year the number of applications for objects of impact class CC2 and CC3 increased.
– “For us, a builder is a businessman who creates added value. We stand, as we have since the first day of our existence, clearly and confidently on zero tolerance to corruption. If you have not had the experience – apply, and check,” Mr. Alexander assured.
He said that this year the decision is overdue and a preliminary draft of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has already been prepared to return full-fledged licensing: “We are already at the finish line, when we will be able to return normal licensing, but taking into account the past experience. In order to create a convenient service, which will be predominantly automatic. And where the automatic mode will not work for technical reasons, there will be our employees who are always ready to provide all the necessary professional assistance.”
– Valeriy Sushkevich, Chairman of the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine, noted the importance of accessibility of the space for all Ukrainians. He emphasized that given the large number of warriors who have been injured, the issue of accessibility is more acute than ever.
– “All state bodies should work on accessibility so that those who protected us could live in a civilized Ukraine,” Mr. Valeriy emphasized.
– Eugene Metzger, Chairman of the Board of Ukrfinjitlo, informed about the current status of the eOselli program, its prospects and achievements. Thus, in 2024, 4 more banks were accredited in the program, 2,553 families received their housing, 70 Ukrainians bought private houses under the program.
– “We are creating a new product – rent with the right to buy. We are focusing on internally displaced persons,” Mr. Eugene shared.
He also presented the innovations of the eVidnovlennya program, which are in the process of coming into force: the certificate as a down payment on mortgage, the opportunity to buy better and bigger housing, convenient integration of the program in the Diya app.
– Lev Partskhaladze, President of the CSU, presented the CSU initiative on the need to develop model projects of social infrastructure facilities: “We must prepare ourselves. The projects ready for realization will allow to restore the destroyed faster and more qualitatively”.
– Alexander Prokudin, Head of Kherson Regional Military Administration, in his video address presented statistics of destroyed and damaged objects. He spoke about the tools and mechanisms of reconstruction. Mr. Alexander paid special attention to helping people who suffered as a result of Russian aggression.
– Vitaliy Boyko and Andriy Garbuziuk, logisticians of the Bureviy Brigade, presented the possibility of helping the military – through the collection of FPV drones.
– “The kind of help that we have now is help for support, not for Victory. We propose to join forces,” Mr. Andrey noted about the initiative “Wings of Architects”.
– Igor Guda, Founder of Creator-Bud, presented the company’s role in the reconstruction, in particular active participation in providing housing for the military. He noted that today the effective tool is low-rise construction, which is carried out quickly: the process of erection, connection to the eOsel program and implementation.
– Also in the framework of RECOVERY CONSTRUCTION FORUM UKRAINE considered the possibilities of community support and the role of business associations in reconstruction processes.
– Sergiy Mamedov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of CBU, Vice-President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, Chairman of the Board of Globus Bank, financial expert, who drew attention to the fact that in the second half of 2023, banks’ loan portfolios grew by UAH 35 billion or 16% of GDP growth.
– Anatoliy Kinakh, President of the USSPP, spoke about the difficulties faced by business today. He noted that the most painful issue is access to resources due to the huge scale of destruction.
The speakers also discussed the difficulties faced by business in today’s conditions and possible ways to overcome them. Representatives of the construction business described how demand has changed in the face of the large amount of destruction.
– Victor Zhynger, Marketing Manager of VYURT-UKRAINE, noted that the projects of reinforcing the foundation part after a missile attack, building up the existing monolithic slab with the help of “post-reinforcement” technology (post-REBAR) have become more frequent.
– Andriy Korol, Commercial Director of Caparol Ukraine, presented the company’s experience in technical selection of solutions, documentation and full technical support of new construction projects of key players in the Ukrainian market.
– Sergiy Skorik, Commercial Director of Kvertus, informed about the latest achievements in drone defense. Thus, the company is able to manufacture thousands of devices per month and has unique combat experience in countering enemy drones.
– Within the framework of the panel discussion on “GROWING GROUMS: POSSIBILITIES, PLANNING AND INNOVATION”, communities presented their own experience in rebuilding and working with international funds to raise funds, their main needs and priorities. They discussed where communities should start, in particular in developing a comprehensive recovery plan. Representatives of foundations and international organizations told what tools and mechanisms they use to support and restore communities and where they start. They noted that the search for funds often causes difficulties – in order to allocate funding it is necessary to present a ready-made project, and accordingly, specialists who can develop it are needed.
– The experts also participated in a panel discussion on technical regulation and recovery standards. They reviewed trends and innovations that are possible and promising for use in restoration and useful for communities.
– Artem Bezuglyy, Director of the State Enterprise “National Institute for Infrastructure Development”, spoke about how to accelerate innovation in construction. Important is the use of active communication; improvement of normative regulation – creation of an adequate regulatory framework for the introduction of innovations (building standards, harmonization of EN, etc.), improvement of the pricing system in construction; scientific and technical support for the introduction of innovations at the stage of design and execution of construction works.
– When discussing modern development, analytics and realities under war conditions were presented, in particular, actual real estate statistics. For example, the pace of construction has decreased and this also affects the operating time, and the geographical focus has shifted to the western regions. Also, the demand for warehouse space is now increasing, and developers are gradually expanding into this market.
– Architects presented their own cases ready for implementation and experience of realization of rehabilitation projects. Also Olga Sidorchuk, Chairman of the CCU Committee on Regulatory and Legislative Activities, attorney, lawyer in the field of construction and real estate, head of SEMPRA LAW, and Mikhail Sapon, Chief Architect of Irpen, presented a practical case of restoration step by step – from the moment of obtaining city planning conditions to obtaining a building permit.
– During RECOVERY CONSTRUCTION FORUM UKRAINE was raffled 4 certificates totaling 1 million hryvnias from Caparol Ukraine among territorial communities!
Therefore, the certificates of UAH 250 thousand were given to:
– Borodyanska community
– Chernobayivska community
– Svetlovodska community
– Koptevska community
We are grateful to Caparol Ukraine for supporting the communities!
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