Business news from Ukraine


8 September , 2021  

Some 13 participants of the nonbank market were removed in August of this year from the registers: two financial companies, seven insurers (one insurance company left the market voluntarily, six – forcibly), one pawnshop, two credit unions and one leasing company, according to the website of the regulator.
Some 153 non-life insurers (there were 160) and 17 life insurers, 286 pawnshops (there were 287), 301 credit unions (there were 303), 138 leasing companies (there were 137), 977 financial companies (was 973) and 61 insurance brokers are operating on the nonbank market now.
The NBU said that in general, in August, the number of participants in the nonbank financial market decreased from 1,938 (as of July 31) to 1,933 (as of August 31). The number of banks decreased from 73 to 72, since in August OJSC Settlement Center ceased its banking activities.
The regulator also said that in August, the NBU registered eight new players in the nonbank financial market: six financial companies and two leasing companies.
Some 37 payment systems created by residents and 14 international payment systems created by nonresidents operate on the payment market. In August, the registration of the Khazri international payment system, created by nonresidents, was canceled.
The National Bank received 604 requests from market participants for registration and licensing actions in August. The largest number of inquiries related to financial companies, pawnshops and lessors – 490. The number of inquiries from credit institutions (banks and credit unions) was 32, insurers – 82.
During the reporting period, the National Bank continued to apply enforcement measures to participants in the nonbank financial market. In particular, the regulator, on its own initiative, canceled all licenses for 45 institutions: 28 financial companies, one insurance company, 13 pawnshops and three leasing companies. Also in August, the NBU temporarily suspended the licenses of six insurance companies for violations committed by them.