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23 December , 2021  

Since the beginning of the epidemiological season, which started on October 4, 2021, until December 19, 2021, about 7% of Ukrainians have had flu and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), including COVID-19, the Public Health Center (PHC) at Ukraine’s Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday.
“In general, since the beginning of the epidemic season, from October 4 to December 19, 2021, some 7.0% of the country’s population has been ill [influenza and ARVI],” the message says.
The Public Health Center reported that during the specified period 3,220 Ukrainians fell ill with influenza-like diseases, 5,344 – with severe acute respiratory infection. At the same time, no deaths due to influenza have been registered.
In general, throughout Ukraine, the circulation of influenza viruses has not been recorded.
“From December 13 to 19, 2021, in Ukraine, a total of 187,510 people fell ill with ARVI, including coronavirus infection, of which 50.6% are children under 17 years. Circulation of influenza viruses is not registered. Incidence rate is 496.0 per 100,000 of population, which corresponds to a low level of the epidemic process intensity. However, this is 3.6% higher than the indicator for the same period of the last season,” the PHC said.
The center said that a low level of influenza and ARVI activity during the last week was observed in 15 regions of Ukraine and Kyiv. In other regions of Ukraine, epidemic activity of varying intensity was recorded.