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A granite quarry is sold for $3.25 million in Vinnytsia region

4 March , 2024  

The area of the deposit is 54.9 hectares. The area of the leased territory is 88.09 hectares (7 plots). The mining allotment for the extraction of block stone is 15.92 hectares, and for the extraction of stone for crushed stone – 33.28 hectares. The land lease agreements are valid until 2036.

Special mining permit until 2036. The permit includes two separate areas: for the extraction of block stone (Cardinal Grey) and rubble stone for the production of crushed stone.

The balance sheet reserves for 2024 amount to 15.762 million m3, including 3.176 million m3 for blocks (categories A + B) and 12.586 million m3 for crushed stone (categories A + B + C1).

In addition, in the C1 category, the conditional balance reserves for the block section are +2.69 million m3, and for the crushed stone section – +1.074 million m3.

Product characteristics: fraction nomenclature according to certificates: 0-5, 5-10, 10-20, 5-20, 20-40, 40-70, mixtures of C-11, C-7, C-5. Compressive strength grade M1200, density 2.7 t/m.cubic meter, radioactivity class one, abrasion grade St.1, impact resistance grade U-75, serial friability g/p = 15%. An operating laboratory with equipment.

Number of personnel: 24 people (technical staff – 8 people, other staff – 16 people). Work in 1 shift.

Production capacity of the crushed stone production line = 1,100,000 tons per hour. 4 crushing stages:

1. Receiving hopper (60 cubic meters) with a plate feeder and a jaw crusher SMD-111;

2. Medium crushing cone crusher Metso GP300s + Gyratory CVB 2060 (3 decks);

3. Mobile complex with cone crusher Sandvik СH-440 + Gurkrit (2 decks) + Gurkrit (3 decks);

4. An independent line with a Metso HP-100 cone crusher + Rumbling (3 decks).

The crushing and screening line is fully equipped with machinery: two loaders (CAT, VOLVO), an excavator (Liebherr), two BelAZ trucks (45 tons), two BelAZ trucks (30 tons), two KrAZ trucks, three cranes (two KS and RDC cranes), a fuel truck, etc. There is also a tank with a 10 cubic meter license and a garage with repair bays, three Skoda cars.

In addition to the crushing and sorting line, the quarry has a complex of workshops for sawing and polishing slabs from the block quarry, all equipped with crane beams, overhead cranes and hoists.

Also on the territory are the following buildings: operator’s room, utility room, administrative building, checkpoint, warehouse, lathe shop, compressor room, pump room, and garage. The area of all buildings is more than 4000 square meters.

There is a railway loading branch equipped with a ramp with two receiving hoppers and a conveyor loading system for 10-20 receiving cars.

More detailed information is available upon request

Price: USD 3 250 000