Business news from Ukraine


8 April , 2022  

Indian pharmaceutical companies – members of the Indian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IPMA) donated about UAH 60 million worth of medicines to Ukrainian clinics and public organizations for free, continue their work in Ukraine, IPMA told Interfax-Ukraine. According to a press release, Indian pharmaceutical companies donated mainly antibiotics, analgesics, hemostatic, antiallergic, tonic drugs and vitamins.
In particular, Dia Pharma donated medicines worth UAH 1.818 million (antibiotics and hemostatic drugs – hemostatics) to hospitals, Dr. Reddy’s donated medicines worth UAH 14.7 million UAH to the Ministry of Health. The Euro Lifecare/Konark company (Euro Lifecare) donated medicines worth almost UAH 5.79 million to hospitals, the volunteers of this company daily deliver medicines and food to those in need in Kharkiv and the region.
Pharmaceutical company “Hetero” (Hetero) donated drugs (antibiotics and antiallergic drugs) in the amount of UAH 4.58 million to hospitals in Kyiv through the state institution “Public Health Center”. Macleods Pharmaceuticals donated medicines (antibiotics, analgesics, hemostatic drugs) worth UAH 26.26 million to the Public Health Center in the capital. Mega Lifesciences donated medicines (analgesics) worth UAH 400,000 to hospitals.
Pharmaceutical company “Organosyn” (Organosyn) donated medicines worth more than UAH 2.891 million to hospitals.
Sun Pharma donated medicine (analgesics, antibiotics, gastroenterological drugs) worth UAH 3.3 million. Ukrainian hospitals. In addition, Sun Pharma Romania donated $500,000 to public organizations in Romania to help people coming from Ukraine.
The report also states that the company “Abryl Pharm” (Abryl Pharm), together with volunteers, works in Kyiv and daily delivers food, medicine and medical supplies to soldiers. The M.Biotech company, in cooperation with a public organization (charitable foundation) in Ukraine, plans to supply humanitarian cargo from India with medicines, including anesthesia, tranquilizers and hormonal drugs.
Also, volunteers from IPMA participants (“Abril Pharm”, “San Pharma”, “Konark”) are engaged in the delivery of food, medicines and other necessary materials that the military at checkpoints and people evacuated from the places of hostilities need. For their part, “Euro Lifecare” and “Konark” organized transport to evacuate people to the western regions of Ukraine.
Commenting on the work of Indian pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, IPMA noted that Indian pharmaceutical companies remain on the Ukrainian market. Work continues, in particular, on the provision of humanitarian assistance, the work of managers and warehouses for servicing and shipping orders to distributors. Also, work is underway with clients and doctors in the western and central regions of Ukraine, where there are no hostilities, assistance is provided in hospitals in Kyiv.
“Companies are adjusting to new realities – the military situation in the country. In connection with the movement of employees to other regions of Ukraine, they work online, jobs are saved and companies hope to resume their previous work in peacetime,” the association said.
She also noted that the companies are shipping to distributors from warehouses in Ukraine and are looking for new import routes through western borders.
At the same time, IPMA still finds it difficult to assess the damage caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine.
“Given that the war is still going on in its “hot phase”, it will be possible to estimate the damage approximately only after the situation stabilizes,” the association stressed.