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27 May , 2022  

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, and many new and promising projects appear on the market, bringing new tokens and coins. More and more people are willing to be a part of the crypto industry, or at least to engage with trading. On the one hand, there is nothing complicated about trading – you buy assets at a low price and sell them when the rate boosts. However, if things were that easy, probably everyone would become a trader and gain a fortune. The fact is that there are many pitfalls in crypto trading, and every beginner faces difficulties.

Some crypto platforms offer a demo account to help you feel confident when making deals with crypto. Crypto demo trading is a simulator that allows you to practice trading without the risk of losing real money. Such demo accounts offer virtual assets that have no value and cannot be cashed out. They circulate only in the demo environment. You can try various trading strategies without fear of losing assets.

Let’s talk about the benefits of demo crypto trading.

Why is crypto demo trading so good?

  1. Even experienced traders often miss details of their trading strategy and face difficulties. Demo account helps both novice and experienced traders practice and learn their strategies thoroughly, check out all the possible pitfalls, and learn to cope with them skillfully. Practice is the core.
  2. It may happen that when you come to exchange and deposit your money, you find yourself totally lost among all the variety of tools and features. Having practiced before, you will definitely feel more confident and handle all the trading instruments quickly.
  3. Many factors affect the rates of crypto assets, and during demo trading, you will learn to understand the market fluctuations. Moreover, you will learn to cope with emotions and maintain a cool head when making decisions.
  4. Crypto exchange is the easiest process on crypto platforms. Practicing a demo account, you will thoroughly learn other trading instruments like spot, margin, p2p, etc.

The White BIT platform offers a demo account option. It is the easiest crypto exchange for novice traders. It offers over 400 crypto pairs and numerous trading tools. You can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency as well as store it on the platform and receive a percentage for it. It is called “staking,” and it allows to receive passive income. WhiteBIT allows to trade with leverage (borrowed funds), spot trading, p2p, etc.