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26 December , 2019  

Bolt taxi service (formerly Taxify) launches a new service for animal transportation.
According to the press service, to order the service, you need to select the category of trip Pets in the Bolt application.
Bolt notes that during transportation of the animal in order to avoid pollution of the passenger compartment, special means must be used: bedding for the animal, a cage, a pet carrier and wet wipes.
A prerequisite for the transportation of large dogs is the availability of a muzzle and a short leash. Small animals can be transported on hand, but this issue should preferably be agreed with the driver.
“Practice shows that animal transportation is very popular in different countries. Over the years of work in Ukraine, we also had many requests, so we are happy to launch the new Pets service,” Taras Potichny, the regional manager of Bolt in Ukraine, said.
As reported, Bolt is launching an electric scooter rental service in Ukraine, until the spring of 2020 the service will be available in a test mode in the Unit.City innovative park.
For the first time, Taxify was launched in Kyiv in 2016 under a franchising agreement. In June 2018, the company restarted the project in the capital with its own local team, promising to enter other major cities of the country.
In early March 2019, Taxify rebranded, changing its name to Bolt.

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