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Cement production in Ukraine in 2022 decreased by 51% – Association

29 March , 2023  

Cement production in Ukraine in 2022 decreased by 51% compared to 2021 – to 5.4 million tons, while its consumption was 35% of the indicator of the previous year, according to the association “Ukrcement”.
“Eight enterprises of the Association in 2022 produced cement strategically important for the country, which was primarily used on important construction sites of defense value. The decline in cement consumption led, respectively, to a decrease in production. At the same time, January 2022 was a record for cement production in the last six years”, – said Liudmila Krypka, executive director-head of the scientific and technical information department of the association “Ukrcement”.
According to her, export of products to the European Union helped slow down production decline. For example, cement exports for the year decreased by only 3.7% and amounted to 935 thousand tons, while imports decreased 14.8 times to 39 thousand tons.
In the structure of imports last year, 46.5% were ordinary cements, 41.6% – white cements, 10.9% – other hydraulic cements, 1% – alumina.
“The dynamics of cement exports 2022 indicates that the Ukrainian producers have fully provided the domestic market and continued to support their production with deliveries to other countries, mainly to the EU,” – said the expert.
In turn, Ukrainian companies in 2022 produced 16 types of cement, among which the most popular were cements with slag. At the same time manufacturers continue searching for ways to increase the efficiency of Portland cement while reducing the share of clinker, which is one of the main factors of reducing CO2 emissions, emphasizes Krypka.
The association is also considering using shredded construction waste from demolished buildings (linoleum, carpets, polyethylene, rubber, wood, plastic, roofing felt etc.) to burn in cement kilns as an alternative fuel, which can reduce the need for energy.
Last year “Ukrcement” in cooperation with SE “GosdorNII” published “Album of standard designs of rigid road clothes”, which contains information on variants of road clothes taking into account the category of roads, region, soil, technology.
“Road construction is a material-intensive production with a high proportion of the cost of raw and basic materials. Lack of bitumen forces us to switch to the best practices and domestic construction materials. Detailed characteristics of each construction are collected in the album, as well as technologies of restoration or strengthening of road with cement concrete”, – points out the executive director of the association.
Association “Ukrcement” was created in January 2004 by reorganization of Ukrainian concern of enterprises and organizations of cement and asbestos cement industry “Ukrcement”.