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Coffee affects how much we spend on shopping – study

31 July , 2022  

International research conducted at the University of South Florida has shown that caffeine affects what we buy and how much we spend on shopping.
An international team of researchers conducted three experiments in shopping malls.
Caffeine is a powerful mind and body stimulant by releasing dopamine into the brain. It can cause a surge in energy levels, making the body more irritable and reducing self-control. And as a result, being overly impulsive, people make rash purchases and spend more money than planned, explains study lead author Deepayan Biswas, a professor at the University of South Florida.
As part of the study, one coffee machine was placed near the entrance to a home goods store, the second was placed near a chain retailer in France, and the third was installed in Spain in a large shopping center. More than 300 participants in the experiment received their drink and went shopping.
After the subjects had made their purchases, they had to give all receipts to the researchers. According to the data obtained, it turned out that those who drank the caffeinated drink spent and bought more goods.
Scientists have also found that caffeine affects what people buy. Those who drank coffee were more likely to spend money on non-essential items, such as scented candles or perfumes.
The scientists conducted another experiment in the lab, only this time the participants had to shop online. 200 business school students were divided into two groups. One drank coffee with caffeine, the other without. All participants had to choose goods from the proposed list, consisting of 66 items. Those who drank caffeinated drinks were much more likely to make impulse purchases, like a neck massage machine, while others were more likely to make more practical purchases, like a laptop or a washing machine.
“Caffeine can indeed have a beneficial effect on a person’s well-being, but it can cause disappointing consequences after shopping. Anyone who wants to control their spending should limit their coffee intake before going to the store,” says Biswas.