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Demand for new buses in Ukraine decreased by 17% – Ukravtoprom

15 April , 2024  

Initial registrations of new buses (including minibuses) in Ukraine in March 2024 decreased by 17%, or 16 units, compared to March last year, to 78 units, according to statistics released by Ukravtoprom.
At the same time, the demand for buses decreased by 27.8%, or 30 vehicles, compared to February 2014.
According to the statistics, the Ukrainian Ataman retained its leadership in the market with 21 buses registered compared to 37 in March 2013. Etalon buses took the second place, with registrations increasing to 20 vehicles compared to seven in March 2023. But compared to February this year, their sales fell by a third.
Ford took third place, as it did a year earlier, with 19 buses (two less),
Volkswagen took fourth place with 10 vehicles (not registered in March 2023), and Fiat rounded out the top five with three vehicles.
Turkish buses Temsa were not registered in March (a year earlier – one car). This brand reportedly planned to significantly strengthen its position in Ukraine.
Thus, in January-March 2024, the initial registrations of buses in Ukraine decreased by 27.6% compared to the same period in 2023 – to 305 units.
“Ukravtoprom also reports that the share of new buses in the Ukrainian bus market in March was 53%, and taking into account the old ones, the bus fleet (including minibuses) amounted to 146 units, which is 18% less than in March 2023 and 19% less than in February this year.
The three leaders in the used car segment were Mercedes-Benz – 22 units; Volvo – 11 units; and Van Hool – 9 units.
In 2023, the total initial registrations of new buses of all classes in Ukraine amounted to 1701 units, which is 86% more than in 2022.