Business news from Ukraine


27 April , 2022  

About 23,000 km of public roads have been destroyed as a result of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine, of which 8,000 km are state roads; 302 artificial structures were also destroyed.
As Andriy Ivko, First Deputy Head of the State Agency for Highways of Ukraine (Ukravtodor), said on the air of the national telethon, Ukravtodor currently estimates the damage from the destruction of roads by the occupiers at UAH 900 billion.
“Today we are performing work almost throughout the country, but we are clearing and restoring temporary crossings in three regions – Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy,” he said.
According to Ivko, 500 km of roads have already been cleared – these are state roads and communal roads, of which 212 km are the streets of Irpen, Bucha and other cities. In addition, 18 temporary crossings, detours, detours have already been built.
“For example, the highway Kyiv – Chop M-06. A bridge was destroyed in the village of Stoyanka. Now there is already a detour, and we are already restoring it. In addition, I can say about R-30: this is the entrance to Irpen. A temporary crossing was made in less than a week, design and survey work is also being carried out there. We will make a new bridge in this place,” Ivko said.
Earlier it was reported that President Volodymyr Zelensky held a meeting to develop a plan for the post-war renewal and development of Ukraine. Kirill Timoshenko, Deputy Head of the Presidential Office, said that the restoration of the country at all levels – economic, infrastructural, social – are the main directions included in the plan.

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