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Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant Expands Product Range with Stainless Steel Mine Trolleys

5 March , 2024  

“Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant (Corum DrMZ), a part of Corum Group (DTEK Energy), has launched a modified model of a mine trolley at the request of Zakhidno-Donbaska mine, using stainless steel for the first time to make the body and bottom.

“This was the first experience of its kind for the plant, including in welding stainless steel with ferrous steel. The machine builders have manufactured and shipped 12 modified trolleys to the mine,” the plant’s Facebook page reports.

The VD2.5K-900 trolley with a volume of 2.5 cubic meters and hinged bottoms is designed to transport rock mass.

The report specifies that the use of stainless steel is due to the need to prevent the rock mass from sticking to the body and bottoms, as the mass stuck to the trolleys after unloading has to be removed manually.

“We have achieved this goal. The problem of rock sticking has been completely solved, and the time for unloading has been reduced by three times,” the plant’s manager Sergey Bryukhako was quoted as saying in the report.

Among the advantages of stainless steel for trolley elements, the company notes high corrosion resistance, but this material has some limitations, such as lower strength compared to low-alloy black steel.

“The real efficiency of such modernization will be clear during further operation,” the statement said.

“Corum DrMZ plans to further expand its line of trolleys with stainless steel bodies, including a model with a larger capacity (3.3 cubic meters).

Corum Group is a leading manufacturer of mining equipment in Ukraine and a part of DTEK Energy, the operating company responsible for coal mining and electricity generation within Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK holding.

“Corum DrMZ, located in Dnipro, increased its loss by 2.6 times in 2022 compared to 2021, to UAH 458.3 million, while revenue fell by 2.3 times to UAH 559 million.