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Eight species of Omicron covid strain circulate in Ukraine – chief sanitary doctor

13 January , 2023  

Eight varieties of the covid strain “omikron” are currently circulating in Ukraine, a new strain has not yet been identified, Deputy Health Minister and Chief Sanitary Doctor Igor Kuzin said.
“Omicron is circulating mainly in Ukraine, eight of its varieties have been identified. We also monitor the situation with the emergence of a new strain, so far it has not been detected in Ukraine,” he said on the air of the telethon on Friday.
At the same time, commenting on testing for COVID-19, Kuzin noted that in regions where there are hostilities and a large number of airborne alarms, there are fewer tests,” he said.
According to Kuzin, there are currently about 2 million COVID-19 rapid tests in primary care facilities and “that’s an adequate residual.”
At the same time, predicting possible covid restrictions, Kuzin noted that all restrictions have been moved to advisory mode and “that’s the way it’s going to be.”
“Most areas look at the situation themselves and can make their own local decisions. They are mostly advisory. We can talk about applying local restrictive and recommendatory rules,” he said.