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Erdogan wants to continue Black Sea Grain Initiative

9 July , 2023  

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said he would like to continue the work of the Black Sea Grain Initiative. He said this in Istanbul on Friday night to Saturday after talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
“In July 2022, we embodied the Black Sea Grain Initiative with our signatures in Istanbul as a result of the mediation efforts we had with the United Nations. On July 17, this initiative expires, during which about 33 million tons of grain were delivered to those in need in one year through the Turkish straits, which have become an artery for the whole world,” Erdoğan said.
“I wish this initiative to continue. I am convinced that all parties concerned will act with global responsibility for this purpose,” he said.
The Turkish president also noted that he would like the term of the grain corridor agreement to be extended to 2 years.