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EU countries imported 164 thousand tons of honey in 2023 for EUR 359 mln

25 May , 2024  

In 2023, the countries of the European Union imported 163.7 thousand tons of honey for a total of EUR359.3 million, according to the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat).

Exports of honey from the EU countries amounted to only 24.9 thousand tons worth EUR146 million.

Over 10 years, since 2013, imports have increased by 20%, exports – by 14%.

Last year, the main suppliers of honey to the EU were China (60.2 thousand tons, or 37% of all foreign supplies), Ukraine (45.8 thousand tons, 28%), Argentina (20.4 thousand tons, 12%), Mexico (10.7 thousand tons, 7%) and Cuba (4.7 thousand tons, 3%).

The UK became the main importer of honey from the European Union – 4.3 thousand tons. Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and the United States imported more than 3 thousand tons.

The largest buyer of foreign honey among the EU countries was Germany, which imported 41 thousand tons in 2023. Belgium took the second place (31.4 thousand tons), and Poland was the third (23.3 thousand tons). Spain was the leading exporter (7.1 thou tons).

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