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28 May , 2022  

The Ferrero-Ukraine company informed the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection about the voluntary withdrawal from the Ukrainian market of certain batches of Kinder Schoko Bons and Kinder Surprise Maxi due to an outbreak of salmonella, reports the Main Directorate of the State Food and Consumer Service in Kyiv .
Ferrero Ukraine LLC has informed the State Food and Consumer Service of the voluntary recall of selected batches of Kinder Choco-Bons and Kinder Surprise Maxi products in Ukraine.
It clarifies that a message about an outbreak of a foodborne infection caused by Salmonella Typhimurirum, found in separate products of the Ferrero company (manufacturer: Ferrero Ardennes S.A., Belgium), exported to Ukraine by the Ferrero Ukraine company, was received by specialists of the State Consumer Service through the rapid food alert system. food and feed (RASFF).
“According to part 3 of article 20 of the Law of Ukraine “On the basic principles and requirements for the safety and quality of food products”, if the market operator believes or has reason to believe that the food products that he imported (sent) to the customs territory of Ukraine was produced, processed or which it carries out do not meet safety requirements, it immediately begins the procedure for withdrawing these food products from circulation and, within a period of no more than two working days, informs the competent authority in writing about the discrepancy found.
It adds that if such foodstuffs could potentially reach the consumer, the market operator informs consumers of the reasons for their withdrawal and, if necessary, recalls the foodstuffs if the application of other measures is insufficient to achieve an acceptable level of consumer health protection.

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