Business news from Ukraine


6 June , 2022  

Ukraine’s Gas Transmission System Operator (GTSOU) has accepted a request from Gazprom for Monday to transport 40.1 million cubic meters of gas through the country, virtually unchanged from 40.4 mcm on Sunday, data from GTSOU show. Capacity was requested only through one of two entry points into Ukraine’s Gas Transmission System, the Sudzha metering station. A request was not accepted through the Sokhranivka metering station.
“Gazprom is supplying Russian gas for transit through the territory of Ukraine at the volume confirmed by the Ukraine side via the Sudzha metering station at 40.1 million cubic meters on June 6, with no booking via the Sokhranivka metering station ” Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told reporters.
GTSOU has declared a force majeure in regard to accepting gas for transit through Sokhranivka, citing the fact that it cannot control the Novopskov compressor station.
Gazprom believes there are no grounds for a force majeure or obstacles to continuing to operations as usual. Ukrainian specialists worked smoothly at the Sokhranivka and Novopskov stations all this time and continue to do so; transit through Sokhranivka was ensured in full, and there were and are no complaints from counterparties, the Russian gas giant has said.