Business news from Ukraine


26 June , 2022  

The governmental emergency response team of Ukraine CERT-UA, operating under the State Special Communications Service, reported the distribution of dangerous emails with the subject line “Free Primary Legal Aid”.

“The letters come from an email address in the domain (probably compromised) and have a password-protected attachment “Algorithm for the actions of family members of a missing soldier LegalAid.rar,” the press service of the State Special Communications Service said on Saturday.

“The specified RAR archive contains the ‘Algorithm_LegalAid.xlsm’ document, the opening of which will ultimately lead to the download and execution of the DarkCrystal RAT malware,” the experts warned.

Given the email addresses of email recipients, experts suggest that the attack is aimed at operators and telecommunications providers in Ukraine.

Activity is tracked by ID UAC-0113. These malefactors in June already carried out cyberattack on the media organizations of Ukraine. (, the State Special Communications Service emphasized.